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16th January 2013


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Form book comes good as the Fairies, Bards, Ethel, Albert and Opsimaths all win

Results & Match Reports

At the Cricket Club Ethel Rodin were too strong for TMTCH.

Compulsory Meat Raffle's trio couldn't keep up with The Opsimaths who were able to sub Brian at half time for a fresh pair of brain cells (me).

The History Men, despite the presence of occasional superstar, Anne, were pipped by I Blame Smoke Fairies at the Red.  Kieran's view on behalf of the Travelling Fairies....

"Great, high scoring quiz, always tight with the lead changing hands three times.  We were aided by a couple of trademark Historymen blurts (on Life of Pi and Flodden), but the unanswereds broke harshly against us by 2-1!  As always an enjoyable evening in the company of the Historymen, rounded off superbly during the spares by Ivor insisting that the 'R' that is the hometown of the Dyslexia Institute must be Rexham!"

The Prodigals ran The Bards pretty close at the Club but couldn't quite open their legs and show their class in the final furlong.  Tony's report on affairs...

"We, and our delightful, extremely cheerful, opponents had a very amicable evening - even if Ann Marie could not help whistling Colonel Bogey.  We decided this did not amount to conferring and conceded the two points.  At least Eric wasn't there tonight to sing about Hitler's pendular deficiency.  Talking of Eric.... he is in danger of being eclipsed.  Last week we had Peter's totally commendable, indeed exemplary, QMing; this week we had new recruit Ian asking the questions in a very professional, fair and entertaining fashion.  I hope he comes back often.  Back to the quiz.  After an early spurt we fell back slightly and at the end of Round 3 we were behind.  Anne-Marie kept asserting that all she wanted was to be past twenty.  Well she has managed it and can now admit to being 35."

Anne-Marie reports...

"Closer than usual against The Bards but the difference was Bard Jim who was on fire this evening."

The Albert just edged it against The Electric Pigs at the Fletcher Moss.  Mary reports:

"The Derby match at the Albert resulted in a win for The Albert 40 -37.  The Pigs won the toss and went first, leading by one point at half time. It stayed pretty even in the second half with the scores 34 -34 going into the final round."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the setters were The Charabancs of Fire.  Overall joy at another fine work of art from the Charas notching the second highest average aggregate of the season to date (76.8).  Hardly a squeak about the Emerald Isle apart from some unknown songsmith in Bingo Blockbuster Rounds 7 & 8.  The general view of the Turnpike players was that the QotW (for which most of you predictably opted - see below) was inserted in an unashamed, brass-necked attempt to grab the Question of the Season award.  But what a cracker!

Tony's view from the Club...

"A typical Chara's quiz. The inevitable Blockbuster Bingo Round was not as traumatic for us as usual, but it had tendencies that way. Two cop outs on the question setter's duty to ensure balance was a tad over the top in my view, but after a week of website carping I am not going to utter a word of criticism in the hope that harmony should once more prevail in Withquizland.  It was a good quiz paper and most enjoyable."

and Anne-Marie's...

"A really great quiz from The Charas although Tony was a tad disappointed with the 2 blockbuster/PYO rounds.  The rest of us were OK with these standard Charas formats.  QotW was Blockbuster round 7&8 Q 12, Tee hee!!  Very clever question.  That's what WithQuiz is all about.  Well done Charas."

Meanwhile James gives the Rodinista view:

"We all thought it was a very good quiz. Balanced and fair. Sacrum a bit iffy given that the coccyx is triangular (named after a cuckoo's bill, as has cropped up in a question I have set previously) and certainly is at the base of the spine... African and American rivers unpopular.... QotW?  We vote for infinity bridge, (even though none of us got it!)."

The Question of the Week

This week the vote goes to Round 7/8 (Bingo Blockbuster) Question 12 (answer starts with the letter 'R'):

In which town is the British Dyslexia Research Centre based?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.