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22nd April 2015


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Ethel edge it on the tiebreaker at the Griffin and go through to the Val Draper semis along with The Charas, The History Men and Albert

The Val Draper Cup - Round 2 Results

The History Men beat Compulsory Meat Raffle at the Red.  Ivor sums up....

"The handicap had unwound by the end of round 5 and a swing round (Round 6 which we won 7-1) ensured victory.  It is amazing how the threat of having to set for the next series of matches sharpens our killer instinct and lust for a win!"

Dunkin Dönitz lost to Ethel Rodin in a match they would have won by a single point without the handicap system.  In the event they tied - only to lose on the tiebreaker question about the length of Gone With The Wind.  Well, tomorrow is another day, Kieran!

Kieran's take on the evening's competition.....

"The first time we have ever lost a quiz by five minutes - the margin (220 to 215) that Ethel were closer to the seemingly interminable length of Gone With The Wind.  I'm quite surprised we both went for such low numbers - we were thinking the answer should be given in hours or maybe days.

An odd quiz in which we were never ahead and only scored one bonus all night - on the penultimate 'Moot Hall' question which allowed me to go for the draw by getting a two on the very last question.  Ethel very generously allowed my 'Electric Saw' answer and thus the tie break was set up - all to no avail as far as we were concerned.

We scored 15 twos to our opponents 9 but were well behind on conferring to get those all important ones.  It seemed to me that the paper hugely favoured the side going second in the first half - but this isn't borne out by the facts of the unanswered questions which went 5-4 against Ethel.

Odd night and not quite the Opsimaths paper we have come to expect in recent years but an enjoyable evening nonetheless with much talk of coalitions, tactical voting and the fate of the Alexanders, Danny and Douglas (both toast).  From me another rant against the Catalunyan con artist ruining my football club at all levels as anyone who tuned to ITV4 on Monday night could see.  Ok you didn't bother, never mind.

Our season is over, congratulations and good luck to Ethel.  See you all on May 27th."

(Ed: Actually your season isn't quite over yet, Kieran.  As highest scoring losers Dunkin Dönitz have earned themselves a place at the table in the Plate semis in a fortnight's time where they will fight it out with old foes, The Bards!)

Albert beat The Men They Couldn't Hang in a close run affair.  Mike from the Albert reports....

"The handicap made this a tense affair until the last round.  The paper was wide ranging and interesting with plenty of opportunities for conferring.  The only quibble was from Ashton who, in the 'kin' round, was disappointed to find that although merkin and foreskin featured there was no question which offered the snooker player Marco Fu as the answer."


The Charabancs of Fire beat The Prodigals in a fun-packed evening at the Turnpike.  Absolutely loads of mirth all round.  It seems the Charas (and Father M in particular) have never come across a merkin (though they did get the points for correctly answering La Mer).  Anne-Marie - an expert in this field - was able to introduce them to the subject.  Once she uttered the phrase 'muff wig' the penny dropped.  Ladybarn parishioners beware, Fr M will be prodding this subject from the pulpit now he is fully up to speed.

It was a strange scoring pattern with the Charas steaming away in Round 1, which they won 7-1, getting almost all the Prodigals' questions right on 'steals'.  Things evened up later on with the sores almost level at half time.  Early in the second half the Charas pushed ahead again and never looked back, winning by 7 points with handicaps applied and 4 points without them.  The question about the Maine Road/Old Trafford link foxed everyone until an inspired Cheryl cracked it.  She remembered a blind friend from Rusholme who made the journey to Old Trafford on alternate Saturdays using this mode of transport just to be at the Reds match and experience the atmosphere.  Great story, great friend, great points!

Damian gives the view from the winner's enclosure....

"Gosh, how we Charas love the cup rounds.  After all, it's usually the only time in the season that we get to shine!  Tonight we set off with heads held high, handicaps in hand, and started off on another cup match in winning fashion.  Why, oh why, can't we be this positive in league rounds?  In our defence, we didn't need our handicap to win tonight's match but maybe it is a crutch that gives us the necessary psychological boost to do well against our opponents.  It led to maybe the most presumptuous round of drinks Yours Truly has ever bought when he cockily went to the bar on behalf of our opponents when there was still a full round of quiz questions to answer!"

....and, unusually for a Wednesday night, Father Megson's spin doctor, Gerry Collins, has come on-line with his thoughts....

"No fec-kin around for the Charabancs tonight as 'hard as nails' gaffer Megson has them limbering up for Thesaurus training just minutes after dispatching the Prodigals from this year's Cup competition.  The veteran celibate is now in sight of leading his team to a momentous hat-trick of Cup Final victories and is determined to avoid any Federici-style slip-ups in their forthcoming semi-final.  Eagle-eyed viewers will note the fresh spring in the step of the Cup hopefuls that belies their sluggish league form and, which unfortunately proved just a tad too fast for our cameraman to capture in real time.  Just think how fast they will be when they sober up!"

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by The Opsimaths.

An average aggregate of 70.5 was 'middle for diddle' and certainly a lot less than the 80+ aggregate scores the Opsimaths' papers have been notching up lately.  This is probably because half of the questions came from my pen with Brian only responsible for 4 rounds this time.  Whilst Brian peddled his (now familiar) 'Two degrees of separation' theme I got stuck into 'kins' and 'points'.  I must say I owe much to Dave Barras for this style of round where the potential suffix provides the theme.  I think they work rather well - a good hint from the declared theme but not too much given away.

Damian's view?

"Tonight's questions from the Opsimaths went down well with a good array of subjects to answer and plenty to enlighten and inform.  We surged into the lead after the first round by 10 points to nil and never looked back. The Prodigals fought back bravely and narrowed the gap but, for once, we managed to keep our noses in front throughout.

Round of the Week?  The 'words which preceded kin' round.  Yours Truly never realised that there were so many naughty 'kin' words relating to male and female private parts, and was duly impressed by QM Mike's and Anne-Marie's impressive knowledge of this subject!

Embarrassing answer of the week?  Father Meggers failing to answer his religion question correctly.  Honestly, you'd never think he got an O-level in the subject, would you?"

....and Ivor's feedback....

"Very good quiz especially as the Opsimaths had only a week to get it honed for use.  Perhaps the Opsis have a bank of questions, or even rounds, waiting to be used at a moment’s notice (we certainly don't) and, if so, the fruits of their labour were well appreciated.

The 'kins' and 'points' rounds were most intriguing.  Questions with answers hinting at pubic hair wigs and Oldham’s most famous hangman are certainly novel though some members thought the 'plus- fours' question should have been retracted, or even excised, from the quiz!"

The Question of the Week

This week The Charas and The Prodigals voted for Round 4 (the round with the 'kin' suffix theme) Question 8: 

Well known to all Mancunians, what traditionally linked Maine Road and Old Trafford, and was popular with Bradford colliery workers and Belle Vue pleasure seekers alike?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


Next week the local Cup competitions take a one-week break while we sort out the WIST and A-Trophy competitions which have reached their respective finals.  The Opsimaths play The Alexandra at the Albert Club whilst The History Men battle it out with last season's A-Trophy winners The Prodigals also at the Albert Club.  The paper has been set by Ashton from the Albert team (as in the first round matches back in November).  Do come along if you can.