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17th February 2016


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Wins for the Dunkers, the Bards, Ethel, Albert and the Charas

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Ethel Rodin beat The Opsimaths at the most hospitable White Swan.  Downstairs there was the weekly table quiz for the local Ladybarn faithful; upstairs the nerds from the quiz league were contorting their brains with arcane stuff.  There did seem to be a lot of questions that were just - but only just - beyond the tips of various tongues.  Geraldine Somerville comes to mind for one.  As a result it was a lengthy evening but most friendly (there, James, I didn't say convivial).  If truth be told the Opsimaths were second best but only just.  We were honoured to have Ivor present as QM and all-round good egg, with Jitka (of course) at his left Czeching that everything went fairly.  Boom, boom!"


The Prodigals lost to The Bards of Didsbury by 10 points at the Albert Club.  Tony reports on this the last match with a Prodigal Bassett component (at least for a while - let's hope not ever)....

"It was a good evening at the Albert Club.  Lots of chat about Vienna and Diplomatic Passports and so forth.  The Bards took an early lead only to be reeled back so that the scores were level at half time.  The Bards kept their nerve and prospered in the second half winning Round Five 9-2 and finishing the quiz with a comfortable margin."


Dunkin' Dönitz beat The Electric Pigs by a whisker on the last question of the evening.  A relieved Kieran pipes up....

"Another splendid, proper, Withquiz evening on a perfectly balanced History Men paper.  We won all four first half rounds by a total of 8 points and then the ever amiable Pigs won the next three to reduce the deficit to 2 going into the final round.  For once we were at least competent on bingo picks and drew 4-4 to just edge our porcine guests.

One of those evenings when conferred guesses, such as three-year old Jewish boys having their heads shaved and working out that an American, or a Jamaican, or indeed Cathy Freeman, must have broken the 400m record in the last thirty years and therefore Kratochvilova's extant record must be for the 800m, all paid off.   We didn't get the Round 7 theme until an earnest discussion with Barry about the D-Day air commander made us realise that Mallory was a climber thus enabling us to shout down David who was still chuntering about Harris being a Radio 2 DJ (which is what we had thought the theme was).  That was another typical 'Dunkers at our best' moment.  The match turned on Jesse Owens/Bob Beamon.  At that point the scores were 30-29 and we were resigned to going into round 7 behind for the first time in the evening.  But an uncharacteristic Piggy slip let us in and we held on for the win.

The unanswereds broke 4-3 against the Pigs, so again a sign of a very well constructed and fair paper.  At half time Piggy Dave told me that, had I not removed Dunker David's Super Creep question about the number of year's between Harper Lee's first book and the follow up, and substituted it with the pitch drop experiment question, then the Pigs would have vanquished the Bards two weeks ago.  Ho, hum.

The evening was summed up perfectly by Councillor Simcock, the repeatedly elected representative of the cream of the well-heeled academics and professionals of South Manchester, with the words "Well, that's a f***er."  Quite so.  I feel his pain.  And those words often come to mind when driving down the newly reconfigured Wilmslow Road with its aberrant and disorienting cycle corridor.  A f***er indeed!

A perfect Withquiz evening (obviously my take on it would be completely different if a couple of points had gone the other way) and now on to the Club next Wednesday and yet another stare out with the Opsimaths.  Strangely they don't seem to welcome the idea of Bob QMing but the offer's there anyway."


The Charabancs of Fire beat The Men They Couldn't Hang to maintain their late season 'Out of the Depths' surge.  After a  good night's sleep Damian reports in....

"As the scores suggest, this was obviously a paper that suited us more than it did our affable opponents. We usually do well on papers set by The Second Best Team In The History Of Withquiz (formerly known as The Historymen) and they didn't let us down.  Despite falling behind in the opening round, we led by increasingly comfortable margins from there on in.  As befits their (former) name, the appeal of history rang strong throughout the paper and nothing is more guaranteed to gladden the cockles of Yours Truly's heart than the appeal of history!"


Albert beat Compulsory Mantis Shrimp to keep up their fierce title challenge.  Mike reports....

"The yellow card (the Paddle) was shown once to Eveline Vardy because she blurted the wrong answer to the Long Jump question.  She feels aggrieved because no one else knew the answer but the Paddle is totally ruthless about such blunders.  Signor Ranieri may leave her on the bench (or under it) next week."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the questions were set by The History Men.

An erudite and well-presented effort with plenty of points on offer.  Giving a risky hostage to fortune on the cover page of the paper the setters estimated an average aggregate of 70-75 points and they hit their target spot on (it was actually 71.20).  So well done Ivor and crew.

Weak points?  Well, I did think quite a few times during the evening of the Mantis Shrimps who were bombarded with quite a lot of stuff in that awkward period before they were born but after history had finished:  Ice Cold in Alex, Love Me Tender, Sir Arthur Bliss, Frannie Lee.  Also there seems to be general agreement that Tim's 'Climb Every Mountain' round had a pretty obscure theme though the actual questions in this round were excellent.

Comments from the rest of you?


"A well balanced quiz - the unanswerables seemed to split evenly and there was no obvious advantage to winning the toss.  The mountaineering theme defeated both teams but the questions were gettable."


"The consensus was that a theme of Everest Climbers of the 1920's might as well have been no theme at all.  The 'Pick your own Numbers' round did produce the odd ribald comment as did Round 3 Question 4."


"Tonight's paper followed the recent format of themes and pairs with (at last) a bit of bingo thrown in at the end.  Some of the themes were rather difficult to suss e.g. the Everest climbers (at least until the names Mallory and Irvine emerged) but the questions were generally fun and enjoyable to work out.  I think we have begun to dread picture rounds but, thankfully,  both teams actually managed to get on the scoreboard this time...just.  We particularly enjoyed the opening round on the widespread feelings of pleasure elicited by well and truly dunkin' the dönitzers although we were never quite sure if Hangman Graham's fond recollection of seeing Hedy Lamarr without her kit on was a genuine attempt to answer the question or merely a description of what he was feeling at the time.  Judging by the expression on his face, we strongly suspected the latter.

Most Unprintable Answer Of The Week?  Hangman Dave's suggestion of Cockermouth for the northern town with the left wing MP whose name summed up how the History Men felt about beating that lot at the Griffin.  I wonder if the compilers ever actually considered it?"

The Question of the Week

This week the vote goes to Round 5 Question 8:

According to raconteur Peter Ustinov when Charles de Gaulle resigned as French President in 1969 he and Madame de Gaulle gave a brief conference to the English press at the Elysee Palace.  Madame de Gaulle was asked what she most looked forward to now that de Gaulle had stepped down.  “A penis” she replied with a smile.  There was an embarrassed hush.  De Gaulle turned to his wife.  What did he say?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


Just a further reminder (repeating last week's notice).....

If you go to the Albert Club monthly Monday quizzes you'll know by now that two of our favourite, and longest serving, quizzers, Mark and Cheryl Bassett from the Prodigals team are leaving these shores for Vienna at the end of this month.  Mark has a new job working with the IAEA protecting us all from a nuclear holocaust (I think).

To say a fond farewell they would like as many of their friends as can make it to join them in the Fletcher Moss on Friday (19th) from 8pm onwards.  See you there!