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24th February 2016


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Wins for The Bards, The Opsimaths, Ethel Rodin, Albert and The Pigs

Results & Match Reports

Albert beat The Prodigals at the Fletcher Moss to keep their title challenge up to speed.  Mike reports from the winner's enclosure....

"To use Prodigal Dave's favourite word it was a 'convivial' evening and the Prodigals look to have recruited a couple of newcomers who will be very useful players.  Eveline gave some inspired answers which meant she received a kiss from Ratputin the rat of congratulation, but then spoiled it by ruining poor Ashton's concentration.  Naturally she had to be shown the Paddle.  Both teams liked the bike tour round."

...whilst Anne-Marie gives the Prodigals take on affairs....

"The Prodigals blooded 2 new players tonight following the exit of Mark and Cheryl to Vienna.  Michael and Jimmy, our new players, settled in really well to the WithQuiz shenanigans.  Michael, who has recently moved to Manchester, played on last year's winning University Challenge team and declared that tonight's quiz was the hardest quiz he has played in, so well done to the Hangers for setting it and whetting his appetite for more of the same.  The other newcomer, Jimmy, was our star player on his first outing, so we're looking forward to his next match.  Luckily for next week's opponents, The History Men, Jimmy is away on his hols."

Ethel Rodin beat The Charabancs of Fire by a whisker at The Ladybarn Club.  With an aggregate score of a mere 58 (well below the other aggregates of the evening) it is not surprising that James' verdict is: "painful, painful, painful" with their finish timed at 11.20pm.

Damian sums up from the losers' camp....

"Once upon a time they used to have bouncers at the entrance to the White Swan to throw people in.  Now you have to ring the bell and be invited! Once upon a time, we used to have a winning record at our former home venue, now we can't win a quiz there to save our lives.  How times have changed!  Proustian moods aside, this was a close contest that went right down to the wire."

Compulsory Mantis Shrimp lost to The Electric Pigs at The Turnpike.

The Opsimaths beat Dunkin' Dönitz in an absolute thriller at the Club.  DD had seen off the Opsimaths' WIST challenge just a few weeks back so the home team were anxious to show that they were not a spent force - particularly given the fact that (as David kindly pointed out) the Opsimaths had lost their last 4 matches.  Well, things weren't going to the Opsimaths' revival plan for most of the evening.  Indeed up to the very last pair of questions DD enjoyed the lead - albeit one that became increasingly slender.  At the death poor old Kieran slipped up on Hamilton Square (saying "Hamilton Park") whilst the Opsis slam-dunked Winstson Churchill to win by a single point.  It was a great match played in true WithQuiz spirit.  At the end the consensus was that the team going second in the first half (i.e. DD) had the bulk of the unanswerables - so some mitigation for DD.  But the real story of the night were the many occasions on which inspired guesses or just plain straining of the collective grey matter landed bull's-eye answers - Blow Monkeys and Chard are but two that come to mind.    This was the result of some highly accessible themes and plenty of information in the questions to give alternative routes into the answers.  Finally a word of sincere thanks to Hangman Steve who rocked up and acted as a most competent QM.

The Bards of Didsbury beat The History Men at the Cricket Club. A disconsolate Ivor sends this....

"We were never in the hunt tonight.  The first half ended 12-16 with 10 unanswereds which rather put a gloom on proceedings (though scoring picked up in the second half).  The very first question of the night must rank as one of the most obscure of this, or any age, and precipitated the first of many of Tim’s 'ff' (or equivalent) comments - and Anne was not far behind with the chuff count as she does find rivers, lakes and cement factories 'very annoying'."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the questions were set by The Men They Couldn't Hang.

Dave is currently on holiday in Norway (no doubt researching questions for some future quiz) so he may not see this review for a few days.  His papers - and the TMTCH papers are all exclusively produced by Dave - are becoming 'Marmite' affairs.  Some love them and some dread them.  I'm in the 'love' camp.  Win or lose I just find the range of subjects, the intriguing structure of the question text and the multitude of 'tip of the tongue' moments generated the essence of a really enjoyable quiz evening.  Others think less kindly of a Barras production.  They don't like the amount of time they typically consume leaving no room for a late relaxing round of drinks; or the focus on 'boy's toys' subjects (now according to History Girl Ann including cement factories); or the plain obscurity of some of the facts (Has anyone heard of a charcoal burner fungus? - the opening question of this paper).

On one thing I think there is general agreement - love or dread them - Dave is the master of the themed round, giving just the right degree of assistance at the start of a round to ensure the theme acts as a real extra way into some of the answers.

Others views?


"We had to be impressed yet again by the amount of time, thought and effort that goes into papers set by the Hangmen.  Nonetheless, as the final scores suggest, this was one of their more complex efforts and indeed pushed the boundaries as to what constitutes 'general knowledge' to its very limits!  For a change, the themes were fairly easy to spot, but the questions themselves were more often than not, an absolute bugger to answer.  For instance, in the sailors themed round, I can think of so many fascinating questions that might have thrown up the answer 'John Knox'  but the fact that his eldest son was called Nathaniel, was born in Geneva and studied at Oxford before dying at the ripe old age of 23, did not necessarily spring to mind as one of the most obvious!   In short, full marks to the Hangmen for the amount of time and effort that went in to these very wordily constructed  brain-teasers but a bit of a warning bell as to their general accessibility!


"A quite tough quiz tonight but fair and full of interesting questions and themes."

Mike O'B....

"Ah the delights of a labyrinthine Barras quiz - though, to be fair, apart from his mania for charcoal burners and John Knox's less than famous son this was a pretty good effort.  The themed rounds were unusual in that it was usually easier to work out the theme than to answer some of the questions."

The Question of the Week

This week the nomination comes from the Opsimaths who know next to nothing about pop bands (compared to Rachael's next to everything) yet nevertheless managed to conjure the correct answer to this Round 3 Question 5 poser from a list of likely theme words and an assumption as to what the word 'simian' was doing in the question.  Brian claims to have heard of the group whose name we came up with but Hilary, Nick and myself were in total ignorance:

Which band, now described by themselves as being purveyors of simian soul and primate punk on their website, saw their most successful single It Doesn't Have To Be This Way reach number 5 in the UK Singles Chart in 1987?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


A new angle on the 'Do you want to be on TV?' email received this week from Lauren at ITV....


I work for ITV's Tonight programme and we are looking for participants to take part in a pub quiz we are hosting at Media City early March. 

I know you are part of the Withington Pub Quiz League and wondered if you would be free on Monday 7th March to join us for an afternoon's filming?  It would be with our reporter Jonathan Maitland and would be a fun afternoon to participate in. 

In total we need a group/team of 10 people which consists of a range of ages. The pub quiz would feature in a larger programme about alcohol consumption in the UK so the participants would need to be alcohol drinkers. 

Whether they would describe themselves as a regular drinker, as 'once a month,' 'once a week,' or 'a glass of wine each night with dinner,' type of drinker we would love them to get involved.  They would also need them to feel comfortable discussing this on camera. 

If you think you can help or know anyone that may be interested in participating (even if it's just a couple of people!) do get in touch as we are keen to get it organised this week.

Many thanks,  Lauren

Lauren Connor | Researcher | Tonight 

Orange Tower, MediaCity UK | Manchester | M50 2HE | Tel: 0161 952 1049"

I'm Mike.  I'm a quizaholic.  If anyone fancies this then do get in touch and I'll reply to Lauren.