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4th May 2016


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Please read and act on the ....and also points below regarding the compilation of next week's 'Knocked Out United' paper for the Finals

The Bards march on towards the treble to face The Prodigals in the Val Draper Final;

The Albert overcome their 12 point handicap disadvantage to meet The History Men in the Plate Final

Results & Match Reports

Val Draper Cup Semi Finals

Dunkin' Dönitz were predictably suffering absences due to CLS (Champion's League Syndrome) but nevertheless only lost narrowly to the all-conquering Bards of Didsbury.  The Bards are now on the threshold of a famous treble having already pocketed the League title and the WIST Champions Cup.  Come along to the Albert Club next Wednesday to see if they can add the Val Draper trophy to their cabinet.


Compulsory Mantis Shrimp lost to The Prodigals in the saloon bar of The Turnpike.  The Prodigals' form late season has been prodigious (naturally) and they now have the opportunity to add the Plate to the WIST A-Trophy they picked up last Wednesday.  If anyone is willing to give me 5,000 to 1 odds against them winning the League next season I might just be tempted into a flutter (or even just 100 to 1).


WithQuiz Plate Semi Finals

Albert managed to overcome a hefty handicap to edge past The Men They Couldn't Hang in an exciting match at The Fletcher Moss.

Mike O'B reports as follows....

"As Randolph Scott once stated in the film The Tall T, 'there are some things a man can't ride around' and so it is with a quiz where you start 12 points behind.  We made little impression in the first half - The Men were simply better than us.  The second half was a different matter with questions that  suited us well allowing us to scrape home by 3 points.

Many thanks to Roddy who stepped in to QM so ably last night.  We were a bit stretched through illness and the fact that Eveline was in Lerwick (although some of us think a remote island where the only sounds are the locals building a Wicker Woman is the best place for her)."

....whilst from The Men's side of the table Graham sees it thus....

"Despite the Hangers defeat, it was a brilliant night at the Fletcher Moss against Albert in a match admirably QM'd by Setter Roddy.  We look forward to the end of season bash in a fortnight's time at the Club."


The History Men just managed to defeat The Electric Pigs in a match translated to The Turnpike to avoid the football-crazed atmosphere at the Red.  I attended towards the close having earlier been distracted myself by matters going on a few thousand miles away in Madrid.  It was a low-scoring match (in both the Bernabeu and The Turnpike, as it happens) with an aggregate of 58 points.  Rounds 1 and 2 provided a slow start hardly bothering the scorers.

After the match Ivor reported there were 20 unanswered questions which broke fairly evenly across the two teams.  Anne gained the MVP (Most Valuable Player) accolade whilst Ivor himself was the 'Jonah'.  Ivor's wife, Alison, had nobly abandoned other planned Wednesday evening activities and, at very short notice, filled the QM role.  This fact kicked off the post-match discussion on the topic of relative team strengths (numbers-wise as well as points scoring-wise).  Most of our teams seem nowadays to have squads of 5 or 6 players but the History Men and the Charas are managing matters on just 4 players and this is leading to problems.  If anyone out there knows of any budding quizzers who are looking to join in then can they be steered towards Ivor or Gerry to undergo the rigorous vetting procedures both teams have in place ('Are you free next Wednesday, mate?')?

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week's paper was set by Ethel Rodin who had just a week's notice to produce it.  General consensus as far as I can gather was 'tough but fair'.  The average aggregate at 63.5 was on the low side for this season.  No complaints about imbalance and that certainly cannot be said for many of this season's papers.

Mike O'B comments....

"Our favourite question concerned the DVDs (Round 8 Question 7).  Both sides misunderstood the question and believed it was claiming that the device could only appear in a house where 2 or more people lived.  This produced a prolonged discussion about what married couples could do that single people couldn't.  Baffling - and no one could think of an answer.

Overall it was a good paper with plenty of questions to encourage conferring, and unanswerables which seemed to break fairly evenly.  Furthermore time did not seem to be an issue."

The Question of the Week

This week The History Men vote for Round 5 Question 1:

Where amongst others would you find 'Strong Winds', 'The White Mountain', 'The Iron' and 'The Big Dog'?

For the answer to this and all the week's questions click here.


This year I will act as Editor of the 'Knocked Out United' paper to be used for next week's Finals.

So could the teams listed below (who are not involved in these finals) please email me (mikebath@pfsl.org.uk) by first thing Saturday 7th May a single Round of 8 questions (any format - hidden theme, announced theme, pairs, bingo, etc) plus a pair of questions to go into a composite round of paired questions.

The teams contributing to the 'Knocked Out United' paper are:

The Opsimaths

The Charabancs of Fire

Ethel Rodin

The Electric Pigs

Compulsory Mantis Shrimp

The Men They Couldn't Hang

Dunkin' Dönitz

In two week's time we will hold the End-of-Season Presentation evening at the Albert Club.  This year the Dunkin' Dönitz team have kindly offered to run the table quiz for the evening and present the trophies.