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20th September 2017


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Basics for the new 2017/18 season

(Late change to the fixtures list....In agreement with the Stockport League I have swapped round the league matches previously scheduled for February 14th and the WIST Semi-finals previously scheduled for February 7th - so February 7th is now a League week and February 14th a WIST week)

Here are the headlines to get you started into the new WithQuiz season....

  • Just 10 teams will compete this season.  Sadly The Men They Couldn't Hang have had to drop out.  Losing Dave was a massive blow and now other members of the team have moved away from the area.  You'll be pleased to know, however, that Graham will still be quizzing since the Charas snaffled him on a free transfer in 'the Summer Quiz Window'.  We have tried to recruit a new team by advertising around Didsbury but nothing has materialised so we play with 10.  Should any new team turn up at the last minute it will still be possible to shoehorn them in right up to the start of October.

  • Each week of the league competition (apart from January 10th and April 11th) there will be 4 matches with one team setting and one team sitting out.  On January 10th and April 11th there will be 5 matches and we will invite a guest setter to create the papers for these weeks.

  • There are no changes of name or venue amongst the 10 competing teams - just a few minor contact details changes which you will find on the 'Team Details' page.  Cup and WIST competitions will proceed as in the past with no change to the usual formats other than the renaming of the 'A-Trophy' as the 'Lowly Grail'.

  • The first League matches will be played on Wednesday October 4th with The Opsimaths setting and The Prodigals sitting out.  The traditional pre-season Friendly against the Stockport League will take place at the Albert Club on Thursday September 28th (8.30 start).  Please come along and join in.  It's 6-a-side but substitutions at half time mean that everybody should get a match.

  • This is WithQuiz's 40th season so (as we agreed at the close of last season) we are going to hold a special evening to celebrate.  You will find Wednesday December 20th earmarked for this purpose on the Fixtures page but this is just a provisional date at present.  A few of us are going to get together early in October to come up with some plans.  If the date of the celebration evening needs to change I can easily shuffle the fixtures around to suit.  A key feature of the special evening will be to get as many former WithQuizzers back with us as possible so do please start to put the word about.

  • The fixtures page is up-to-date for the coming season so you can update your diaries.  Many thanks once again to Roddy for compiling the fixtures.