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31st January 2018


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Electric Pigs lost to Mantis Shrimp

Ethel Rodin lost to Opsimaths

Prodigals lost to Albert

Charabancs lost to History Men

The Electric Pigs lost at home to Compulsory Mantis Shrimp who thereby return to the top of the table on points difference.  Rachael gives us her take on events at the Fletcher Moss....

"Our match against the Electric Pigs got off to a shaky start as we were a few points behind at the end of Round 1.  However we soon turned things around and were able to extend our lead slowly but surely throughout the match, finishing the night 19 points ahead.  The Pigs were excellent company as always and put up a valiant fight in the face of some tricky questions.  Despite losing they were nevertheless able to pull some impressive answers out of the hat."


Ethel Rodin lost to their visitors, The Opsimaths but it seems both teams struggled with the paper and thus the result was a bit of a lottery.  James reports that alarm bells started ringing for him when his first question of the evening resulted in a fruitless debate about which country's population were most dependent on chips as part of their diet.


The Prodigals lost at home to Albert in a low-scoring match.  Home team skipper Anne-Marie was not impressed with a match aggregate of a mere 45 points, a massive tally of 26 unanswered questions, a minimal 7 twos throughout the evening and a score in the final round of 1-0 (to the Prodigals as it happens).

Mike O'B from the victorious visitors offers these further thoughts....

"Well the paper was certainly challenging enough but you have to take the rough with the rough.  Now the Albert must fall silent until the end of February.  Jeremy will irritate the penguin population of Antarctica; Ashton will continue his career as a quiz whore in the Macclesfield League, the Sett Valley League and the Bolton League - he's like the eponymous heroine of Terry Sothern's cult novel Candy who'll go with anyone because 'they need me'.  Eveline will find a public hanging to attend and baby mice will gambol in the Paddle of Rebuke's hair.  As for me I'll  become like the narrator in Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast staring into the void and repeating over and over again 'Is anybody there?'  Farewell." 


The Charabancs of Fire lost at the Turnpike to The History MenIvor sends in this account....

"Christmases seem to come every three months when one gets older, and meetings with the Charabancs seem to happen every three weeks.  Actually because of the intricacies of league fixture-setting algorithms it WAS only three weeks ago.  I would not be surprised if a knowledge of natural logs base e, kibibytes and electron volts was required to engineer such a series of meetings between our fading but still hopeful teams.

Tonight was the first super blue blood moon for almost a century and a half, and we spent it in the comfort of the Turnpike.  Sadly we did not have a super blue blood quiz and as the scores suggest there was not much fun tonight.  We did not even get much pleasure from our 12 point victory.  There were 25 unanswered questions and only 9 twos between us.  The Charas had three rounds where they failed to score a point at all.  The last round of 8 questions had 7 unanswereds; this really is not good, especially if teams are neck to neck.  I do not think we gave up at that point but perhaps we should have had an inkling of how unfathomable it would be when Jane the QM smiled and said 'You think it has been bad so far…'

Low scoring quizzes can still be interesting - most however are not.  There might well be aficionados of the tram system, and statisticians of baby conception and baby holiday venues, but not in the Turnpike tonight."

...and defeated cleric Meggers adds this....

"In a hastily convened post match consultation Dr Ivor and Dr Tim concluded that there was a vas deferens between the mental capacities of the respective teams at the Turnpike last night.  Afterwards Fr Megson and his team of mental misfits were gracious enough to humour their vanquishers by pretending to enjoy their free drink.  They would have been willing to humour them a second time in this respect but sadly the bar had long since closed."

Quiz Paper Verdict

This week the paper was set by The Bards of Didsbury

The average aggregate was 52.8

A very low-scoring paper tonight (in fact the lowest of the season to-date eclipsing the previous lowest set by the Bards before Christmas) with quite a few grumbles from those who took part.  I was ensconced at the Etihad watching a lily-livered referee allow West Brom to hack City's players all over the park, so can only report second-hand.

When one of our longest serving and best established squads (the Charabancs) spend three whole rounds without scoring any points it can't be much fun.

Ethel's James suggests that if 'Unanswered Questions' had been playing as a third team, with two points per question, they would have walked away with an easy win.   That said Rachael did have some kind words for tonight's setters....

"We generally enjoyed the paper, with a number of questions causing furious conferring on both sides.  James relished the football questions, even though both of them ultimately went unanswered.  Both James and Adam appreciated the inclusion of more science questions, which definitely worked in our favour.  Having said this however, the last round was pretty unpopular, given that about half of the questions, particularly the first two, could only be answered by guesswork."

To which Gerry adds his own sideways take on the paper from The Turnpike's perspective....

"The quiz itself was a brave attempt to merge the style of the 19th century pub quiz with that of the15th century Mystery Plays.  It did not quite succeed in achieving the pungency of The Harrowing of Hell from the Wakefield cycle but it came perhaps too close for comfort."

....and the Dave Barras Question of the Week award this week has been nominated by Shrimp James and goes to Round 2 Question 8:

Who, in 2013, became the first player from outside Britain and Ireland to make 500 Premier League appearances?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Fr Megson

The Collected Works

As part of the 40th celebrations I thought I'd copy all the Fr Megson articles that Gerry's written since his first piece in February 2003 and put them in one place with an index at the start. If you click here you can browse all 143 of them!    (and I've now added bookmarks and hyperlinks to make navigation to and from the index at the front of these articles easier)

....and also



I've just received this email entitled: Quiz in the North event on Saturday 24th March: call to UK quiz leagues for players


I am hosting a national quiz event in Sheffield soon. I have already promoted this on Facebook and am now contacting different quiz leagues to see if any other quizzers are interested.

The Quiz in the North takes place in a different northern town/city every 2/3 months with a different host each time; some of the best quizzers in the country have attended in the past (including Eggheads and Chasers) but it is an accessible format that is suitable for quizzers of all abilities. My event will be at Wadsley Bridge WMC on Saturday 24th March; it costs £5 to attend and proceeds will be donated to Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity.

Information about the event can be found on Eventbrite; please sign up here if you would like to attend:


Alternatively, discussion of the event can be found in the Quiz in the North Facebook group and in the corresponding event page here:


If anyone has any further questions, they can email me here or call/text on 07963554921.


Tom Mead

Hoyland & District Quiz League, South Yorkshire"