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25th April 2019


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WithQuiz picks up both trophies with the Prodigals winning the Lowly Grail in Stockport and the Shrimps lifting the WIST Champions Cup at the Parrswood

WIST Champions Cup final

Mantis Shrimp beat Dunkin' Dönitz

WIST Lowly Grail Cup final

Wandering Star lost to Prodigals

‘Bugs’ looking forward to his Valentine’s Day surprise


Champions Cup:

Mantis Shrimp beat Dunkin' Dönitz

The Shrimps lift the WIST Champions Cup in a high-scoring contest at the Parrswood

Mike Bath reports

Rachael asked me to QM this one so I had a grandstand seat (alongside spectator Ivor) watching these two heavyweight quiz machines slug it out.  It was a great contest worthy of the WIST title - in effect the best 8 quizzers in the whole of the southern side of Greater Manchester (does North Manchester have  an equivalent competition?).  The scoring was prolific with the Shrimps getting off to a roaring start in Round One which just about saw them home despite a very strong Dunkers performance in the latter 4 WithQuiz-style rounds.  At half time the Dunkers wondered hopefully whether Greg might have given in to the urge to set some 'old man' questions about 1970s sitcoms in the second half.

The man who claimed to have invented jazz in 1902


Everyone was in cracking form.  As I report on the right under the comments about the paper, an extrapolation of the scores for the 4 WithQuiz rounds across a full 8 rounds would have given an aggregate of 102 points - a total I can't remember ever having been achieved before.

My vote for MVP (Ivorspeak for the top quizzer of the match) was Shrimp James who seemed to know absolutely everything that came his way - or indeed his team mates way.

Holly Martens in perhaps the greatest film ever made


My moment of the night came when music expert Rachael was challenged with the Cole Porter lyric from the glorious  Ev'rytime We Say Goodbye.  She took an age and at last I thought here's some popular music that I know more about than her.  But no, sure enough, she's knows everything minor - and major. 

So despite missing the WithQuiz league crown by a single point for the second season running the Shrimps have proved themselves the best quizzers in this neck of the woods.  Well done!

Nobel Mancs

(l to r, top to bottom

Thomson, Bragg, Bohr and Chadwick)



Lowly Grail:

Wandering Star lost to Prodigals

The Prodigals travel to Stockport and bring back the Lowly Grail

Charlotte from The Wandering Star reports

It was a pleasure to welcome the Prodigals to the Armoury. We had an enjoyable quizzing evening, relaxed and chatty.  We also got trounced, but in the nicest possible way.

Gloria Swanson and Blount in Sunset Boulevard


It was Q9 before we scored a point (the answer being 'drunK' (perhaps we’d have done better if we had been?), and we emerged from Round 1 somewhat behind - in spite of knowing about the 'Revolt of the Sergeants'.  Both teams latched on to the theme in Round 2, which was evenly balanced (though none of us knew the name of the blow-up doll in Airplane, or JS Gummer’s abolished constituency).

Moving on to the Withington-style rounds, we enjoyed the format, with the focus on the individual before conferring.  I particularly liked the 'Mr Men' round, and we were pleased to get a 'win' on the Fawlty Towers themed round.

A fair result, and a good game; congratulations to the question-setter, and to the Prodigals on their Lowly Grail victory, to cap their League triumph.

Slipstream cycling

Denise the fastest on two wheels


...and Prodigal Dave adds...


The Prodigals took a trip across the Mersey (personally the great Anne-Marie ferried me there) to the Armoury, a lovely traditional pub with hospitable staff and welcoming regulars. With the Wandering Star, we found kindred spirits as we had played them before at the Star in Cheadle in the inaugural 'A-trophy' as it then was.  Like the Prodigals, there have been a couple of changes of personnel since our first skirmish back in 2013.

It was fair to say, the quiz suited our strengths and with the relentless knowledge base of John and Jimmy added to the impressive Anne-Marie (unbeaten throughout this 2018-19 WithQuiz season), we established an early lead which was tough to overcome.

Reasons to be cheerful part 1:

Very lovely hosts. Nick, Keith, Andy and Charlotte were good opponents who helped make the match fun to play.  Special mention to Charlotte whose pre-match efforts helped us to feel at home. The contribution of Martin the question master added to the enjoyment.  Paxman and Humphrys better look over their grumpy old shoulders.

Reasons to be cheerful part 2:

Stockport hospitality. An away fixture at a Stockport League team means food as well and the Armoury did not disappoint. Sustenance, Dizzy Blondes and lemonade tops helped aid the convivial post-match conversation topics ranging from libraries, to Amalfi, to Fleetwood Mac.  All very good fun.

Reasons to be cheerful part 3:

The Armoury.  Great to see a friendly pub not beholden to Murdoch for its livelihood. Enough room for chat, two quizzes and a darts match.  Playing Card Bingo could have gone better, but it was a laugh nevertheless. I hope we are back here soon.

A good cup final rounding off the most successful season in the history of the Prodigals. We can't win this trophy next season, but we will have a good go at trying to defend the other one that we won!

Getting ready to play Paddy's theme tune


Quiz paper set by...

Stockport League

(Greg Spiller)

Average aggregate 107.0

Greg gave us a super points-fest of a paper which was much enjoyed by all.  At the Parrswood the aggregate score for the four WithQuiz rounds was a massive 51 which if extrapolated to 8 rounds means 102 points would have been notched up!

The themes were relatively easy to cotton on to and offered real assistance in getting the answers to the later questions in each round (which is as it should be).  A slight unease with the first question of Round 6 ('A Final Treat') when Kieran dismissed Careless Whisper as an answer since he maintained it was a George Michael solo effort NOT a duet.  A glance at Wikipedia indicated that this hit was 'sometimes credited' to Wham! so no spare was offered and the Shrimps picked up the steal - still a little misleading as both teams thought it was George Michael's first solo hit.

... and Dave R certainly agrees with my overall assessment of Greg's paper as he sends this summing up...

"A tour de force from Greg Spiller blending the best of the Stockport and WithQuiz formats. The Nobel pairs, John Gummer's constituency and the 'Mr Men' bingo were first class. Bravo."

The Grumpy Old Man himSelf


Question of the Week

This week the Shrimps somewhat morbidly picked the final question of the Stockport 30-question opening round (Round 1 Question 30):

During the span of its usage until its retirement in 1977, which implement has gone by many names, including 'The Regretful Climb', 'The Silence Mill', 'Capet’s Necktie', 'The Patriotic Shortener' and 'The Half Moon'?   

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

...and also

Next Week's Cup Finals

Gary Donely informs me that the Pigs and the History Men have agreed to play their Val Draper Cup Final at 'the Football-free' Parrswood Hotel, while the Plate final between the Opsimaths and Ethel Rodin will be in the back lounge of the Albert Club .... and while we're on about next week's finals ...

'Knocked Out United'

Just a last reminder in case any of the non-finalist teams haven't yet submitted their contributions...

The Shrimps, the Charas, Albert, the Dunkers, the Prodigals and the Bards must each submit a Round and a couple of pairs of questions to 'Dunker' Barry as he puts together the 'Knocked Out United' paper that will be used next Wednesday for the two Cup final matches.  Barry's contact details are on the 'WQ Teams' page of the website.  If you haven't submitted them to him already then please do so straightaway!

End of Season evening

A further prompt for those in possession of cups and trophies from the end of last season's awards...

Can you please ensure the engraving is up-to-date  (Manchester Trophy Market, 287 Palatine Road Northenden, M22 4ET, are our usual engravers) and get the trophies back to me ready for the End of Season evening on May 8th.  Best way to do this is leave them at the Albert Club and text me to tell me that you've left them there.  By my reckoning this applies to...

Dunkin' Dönitz:

League Shield, WIST Champions Cup, WithQuiz Plate


Dave Barras 'Question of the Season' Award


Val Draper Cup

Electric Pigs:

Fr Megson 'Sour Aul Cleric' award (unless you've already drunk it!)

Many thanks.

Still crazy?  Dave Beasant plays for Stevenage at 56