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25th September 2019


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WithQuiz retain the Pre-season WIST Cup - just!

WithQuiz League beat Stockport League

The WIST Cup goes to Nick while QM Mike checks the Carabao Cup scores in the background

Stockport lost to WithQuiz

WithQuiz just squeak home by 2 points

Mike B reports

There was a great atmosphere in the back lounge at the Albert Club as over 20 quizzers celebrated the start of the new quiz league season with a keenly fought battle.  With six-a-side and copious substitutions at half time it was possible to let everyone who wanted have at least half a match.

It was pretty tight throughout with the lead switching hands a number of times.  When it came to the last question Stockport were asked which team won last season's University Challenge competition.  After much conferring they offered up Durham but (as spectator Tom knew only too well) the correct answer was Edinburgh.  Tom is Question Editor on UC.  So WithQuiz won by a mere two points.

Pang for the weekend


Quiz paper set by...

...Mike Wagstaffe & Mike Bath

Aggregate score 154

As has become the custom I prepared the Stockport-style rounds and Mike W the WithQuiz-style rounds.  This year we squeezed in an extra 'Written' Round based on the format used by the ITV Quiz Show Tenable.  A simple format - both teams are asked to provide 10 answers that meet a specific criterion (in this case the 10 South American and African mainland countries through which the equator passes).

To spice up the marking process each team was required, in turn, to call out a country from their list to populate a table displayed on the TV screen (which was linked to my computer).  There was only one wrong answer given (Equatorial Guinea which, counter-intuitively, is not actually on the equator). 

It'll be hard to use this type of round in the WithQuiz-style papers but it seems perfectly suited to the Stockport '10 Question Written round' format.  Let's see if it's adopted by anyone this season - maybe in one of the WIST/Lowly Grail' papers.

Throughout the evening the TV screen was used to great effect with all of Mike W's WithQuiz rounds being presented as pictures and text on the screen - so no problem about not being able to hear the QM.


Saturday Night with Doreen


Question of the Week

We finished pretty late and I didn't have time to collect a QotW nomination.  So I'm going to choose one myself from Mike Wagstaffe's rounds.  It's Round 4 Question 13 where all the answers contained the name (or the sound of the name) of an area of Merseyside.  Both teams failed on this one but chuckled as the penny dropped when the answer was given....

Playing Doreen, who co-starred with Albert Finney in the 1960 kitchen sink drama Saturday Night and Sunday Morning?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Athenian Band


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