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30th October 2019


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The Testers get their show on the road with a well-earned victory against the Charas; the Opsis slip up at the hands of the History Men whilst the Prodigals and the Shrimps record home wins to keep up their chase

Prodigals beat Electric Pigs

Mantis Shrimp beat KFD

Albert lost to Bards

History Men beat Opsimaths

Charabancs lost to Turing Testers

Prodigals beat Electric Pigs

The Prods record the evening's top score with a home victory

Someone who did IT with Boris


Mantis Shrimp beat KFD

CMS beat KFD at the PWH in the battle of the TLAs

Rachael emails this

After a very exciting match, we finished an extremely enjoyable evening 2 points ahead of our excellent opponents. We established a very slim lead early on and ended the first half four ahead. We gradually extended this lead in Rounds 5 and 6 only to have our opponents catch up a bit in Round 7.  So, going into the final round, we had a lead of six points.  However, we got off to a very shaky start in the final round and, up until the last couple of questions, it looked as though we were about to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Luckily we were able to hold our nerve and steal the Star Trek question. 

We were joined by my lovely husband, Adam, who delivered the questions beautifully!

KFD's testosterone fix


and Kieran has something fishy...

"What fresh hell is this?" as Dorothy Parker once said. 

It was 8.45 on a Wednesday, and the regular crowd shuffled out. A wise, foresighted decision since what followed was 100 minutes of blether, confusion and fish-style mouth-gaping from the newly minted KFD on their first outing amongst the big boys.

Young Liam® was on half term (yes he REALLY is young) and in any case his transfer from the defunct Donutz hadn't gone through before the Tuesday 11.00pm (Central European Time) deadline in order to be eligible for the humiliation that unfolded.  So the four old hands with season win rates of 40% and 25% (young Liam's® is 100%) took the field and floundered. And carped. And haddocked for all I can remember. And waited and waited for anything approaching a question at which they could have a confident nibble.

Tank Girl?  Jesus H, TANK GIRL?  What the hell has happened to Ethel?  Since when did the boys from the backroom of Murk get down with the Nineties? And then follow it up with an entire round on this century's - THIS century's - chart-topping beat combos?  Rachael happily shot fish in a barrel on all things music and films as KFD unhappily shot blank after blank. 

God knows how but it was 37-36 with four questions to go and we were right on the Shrimp's tails.  Our famous late surge (that happens when you get to our age) working well with the wheel once again in spin. But while we were desperately trying to name the missing Plunkett (sorry Liam, no not that one) we opted for Morgan and, not for the first time this year, Sir Joffra brought it home. Tom gave us a look that would put Owen Farrell to shame.

You guys are SO over. 

Tank Girl?????

"Are those her breasts?" quavered a tremulous Martin at the last rites of the evening.

'Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War)'


History Men beat Opsimaths

The Opsis' mantle slips as the home team squeak home

Mike Bath reports

Oh dear!  The Opsis just couldn't seem to choose right as time and again we opted for the wrong answer when we had a choice to make.  Tottenham Court Road, picaresque, Edward Scissorhands, the Williams sisters - they were all written down but then we zoomed off on another tack.  Perhaps this is payback for all the good fortune we've had in the previous 4 games of the season.  Meanwhile the History Men kept on going, despite the traditional groans and gasps from Ann, to notch up a good solid victory which sees them into the top half of the table.

It was a very long drawn out affair with the Spares overlapping the Red's throwing out announcements.  The background noise in the Red didn't help but in truth the main reason for the slowness was the amount of cogitation time required by both teams.  Mike H gave a solid QM performance but he had much ambient racket to contend with.  At the close Stato Ivor declared Nick the MVP of the evening with 5 twos (though he could have had a full house of twos if he'd have gone with first thoughts on the other 3 questions).

No matter!  The Opsis will lick their wounds and come screaming back next week against the Pigs!

Forever going on about … The Brownian Ratchet


and QM Mike H chucks this in...

Rather a long quiz, not dissimilar to last week's - but you know, I always very much enjoy my middle seat as QM (though it was a difficult role tonight with our noisy neighbours).  Mostly it was a pretty even match in which the Opsimaths were just let down by their performance in one round, and then eventually lost on 'steals' (and Nick's conferring when a possible blurt would have been correct).  As last week there were few twos, but few unanswered.  There were a couple of very close calls - Ivor's 'M' instead of 'Q' comes to mind.  Overall, as ever, the match was most convivial (now there's a popular WithQuiz word!).

Forever going on about … Fludd's Water Screw


Charabancs lost to Turing Testers

Only 3 matches in and the Testers gain their first victory

Roddy breezed into the Red late doors and proclaimed to the assembled History Men/Opsimath throng "Bloody Hell!  They're good these newcomers."  He'd been down the road at The Albert watching the Testers play the Charas.

So no pressure then Joe and Co.  The rest of you should expect a testing time when you meet the Testers.  Indeed, Kieran, that testosterone generated by tonight's appearance of Tank Girl may come in handy.

On display at a Manchester City Centre Ford dealership in 1939


and now James (TT's vice captain) sends this...

The Turing Testers's maiden victory was never a certainty.  While our relative youth may have helped us in establishing a 7-point lead by the end of the top-selling albums of this century round, it counted against us when it came to identifying the 1966 hit (?) Winchester Cathedral.  The Charabancs quickly closed the gap back up to reach level-pegging at one point in the crucial final round, which came down to the very last question, where our patchy knowledge of England cricketers just about paid off.

The Charabancs were affable and generous hosts, and we look forward to welcoming them to the Greenfinch for a return fixture in the new year.

New York's starting point


Albert lost to Bards

The Bards haul themselves up the table with a welcome victory

Mike O'B was on hand...

As the score suggests a tough quiz by recent standards. A number of interesting questions which required a lot of conferring.  Our main problem was being slow to recognise some of the hidden themes and this probably cost us the match.

As for the paper we queried whether Remington Steel really was set in London - but we did like the perpetual motion question.

Although I have reached the financial target for my butt lift, I will not be proceeding.  This is due to the large number of communications from quizzers stating that my posterior already has the proportions of a statue of a Greek deity and one should not interfere with  the perfection of nature.  But the money will not go to waste.  I know you will be sorry to hear that Eveline has been diagnosed with Advanced Luxury Shopping Dependency.  Consequently, it is proposed to set up a charitable foundation to administer your contributions to be called 'Money U Gave Someone'.  Please continue to be supportive while she searches for a cure.

Marnus and Lappies – Springboks away from home


Quiz paper set by...

...Ethel Rodin

Aggregate score 71.8

Scoring was a little down on the average so far this season but there was plenty of inventiveness with a few quirky facts to keep our attention.

At the Parrswood Hotel Kieran seems have been roused by the inclusion of a picture of Tank Girl as his report indicates.  I was struggling myself with quite a lot of the more up-to-date popular culture stuff and just kept waiting for James' usual raft of politics questions ... and kept waiting ... and kept waiting.

Jazz genius and  inspiration for Alan Plater


Rachael certainly liked it...

"The paper was great - we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  An excellent range of subjects, well-executed themes and lots of challenging and intriguing facts. I was glad to see plenty of pop music questions again!"

and so did TT's James...

This week's paper was an enjoyable affair with questions ranging from a cleverly clued question on the LGBTQ pride flag, to a great use of the words 'Perpetual Motion Machine' in a hidden theme round - as well as a question on (ahem) current affairs requiring the identification of the Prime Minister's technology advisor.

1984's Metropolitans


Question of the Week

A constant criticism of our papers is that there are far too few science questions - and Maths in particular.  Well this week Round 2 had a couple of Maths teasers and predictably Opsimath Nick rolled up his sleeves got out his pencil and cracked this one when the rest of us were flummoxed.  So here's to Round 2 Question 1...

What is the sum of the infinite series

1 + 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/27 + 1/81 ... etc?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.