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6th November 2019


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The Opsis lose again whilst the Prodigals and the Shrimps both win to go level on points with the Opsis at the top

Albert beat KFD

Ethel Rodin beat Charabancs

Opsimaths lost to Electric Pigs

Bards lost to Mantis Shrimp

Turing Testers lost to Prodigals

Albert beat KFD

Albert get the better of a bottom half clash at the Moss

Mike O'Brien reports

A very close contest with the lead changing hands but never by a gap greater than 3 points until the last round which worked better for us than KFD.

There were 5 unanswered questions which broke 4 to 1 against us - but such a small number had very little effect on the scoring.

In other news Eveline has had a reaction to her Luxury Shopping Therapy and at present is unable to cope with anything more than buying Advent Calendars from ASDA. We must be very patient at this time in case she reverts to hanging around Pound Shops.

Ancoats' One Star hero


Ethel Rodin beat Charabancs

Ethel sashay their way up the table beating erstwhile leaders, the Charas

James leaves off licking envelopes to give his account of what appears to have been a hard slog

Geoff got 5 unanswered questions fired at him - but managed to get 3 twos on his other questions.  That pretty much summed up the quiz.

Overall Ethel had 10 unanswered and Charas had 5.



and Graham adds this...

I was reminded tonight of my first experiences of the WithQuiz League at the Ladybarn Social Club (though in those days it was called the White Swan).  The smoking ban had just started (even though the barman was smoking), the beer was rank and ladies were reminded not to wear high-heeled shoes in case they damaged the linoleum flooring. 

Oh, and by the way, never give Roddy, Damian and John an offer of a lift in your cab when they start directing the driver. 

Apart from that I'm happy.

UK's first Professor of Ignorance


Bards lost to Mantis Shrimp

Shrimps continue their climb up the table

Rachael reports

After an extremely exciting evening of quizzing we won the Parrs Wood derby by 2 points. At half-time we managed to gain a 5 point lead which the Bards gradually whittled away in the second half, leaving us neck-and-neck at the start of the final round.  Going into the last pair of questions we needed a two to guarantee us the match, or a one to at least ensure a draw.  Fortunately, I picked the question on radio comedy so was able to go for the two points!  There were some impressive two-pointers from the Bards while we were occasionally over-cautious and conferred when it was quite unnecessary!

Amber Gill and Greg OíShea

Dating royalty


Labourís Manchester Central MP looks youthful while her husband is in the next room addressing 90,000 envelopes


Opsimaths lost to Electric Pigs

The reviving Pigs just squeak their way to another victory

Mike Bath reports from the losing side of the chamber

This was a hard quiz to play and, for our QM Howell, a hard quiz to oversee.  Fortunately we all kept our cool and in the end the one point win for the Pigs was deserved.  There was little between the teams throughout but far too many unanswered questions for comfort (18 which broke 9 apiece).  An unanswered question in a tight contest means that both teams spend an age scrabbling around on the outside of the knowledge before finally giving in - or just saying something unlikely.  Meanwhile tempus fugit.

In other news we took to wondering what 'KFD' stood for in the Dunkers new handle.  Brian no doubt suffering from a late night outbreak of his Prader-Willi condition felt it might be 'Kentucky Fried Donuts.'  A trawl on the internet when I got home revealed this promotional picture...

Perhaps others have a different theory?  Let us know.

Turing Testers lost to Prodigals

Last year's champions overcome our newcomers

Dave sends his thoughts...

What a breath of fresh air the Turing Testers are! I first encountered Joe at an aftershow gathering where a few of us stayed up until 3.30 answering all manner of trivia whilst a respected TV quiz celebrity was sleeping off his earlier efforts on stage. Joe served warning that he would be assembling a team of quiz avengers ready to take on WithQuiz and here they are.

We walked into the Greenfinch knowing we would have a fight on our hands and that's how it turned out. Tana, James, Alex and Joe will be stiff opposition against any team in the league.  Rubbing your hands in expectation of a steal when Catherine Bach's name comes up will not work against this lot.  All I heard was the brilliant Owen delivering the dreaded words "2 points". None of this "Before I was born..." business. These are top notch quizzers, who have graduated from the Stephen Pearson stable and are ready for any WithQuiz challenge presented to them.

We were heavily outgunned in the picture round, but steadied the ship to put ourselves in the driving seat for the last two rounds. More apologies to Michael, John and Jimmy as I embarrassed myself again, this time not with turkey, but forgetting Alan Ball in the Holy Trinity.  I went for Alex Young. I think my golden vision was blurred. However my great team-mates made sure that error wasn't decisive.

A very convivial night with excellent company and a challenging, enjoyable quiz.

Now into uncharted territory for the Prodigals and the WIST Quarter Finals before the battle with our immediate predecessors as champs KFD, who must be on their ninth name change, but still provide a tough fixture every time.  This is a very competitive league and no match can be taken for granted.

Space Walker & Ace Walker

(R1/Q5 & San Siro)

and Joe from Turing Testers adds...

A decisive and thoroughly deserved win for The Prodigals, but we like to think the final score doesn't tell the full story.  We were only 3 points behind at the start of Round 7!  We could club together and flag up what caused our downswing, and drive home that message, but we want to take an honest stance without any spin.  Compared to The Prodigals, we were below par. Using our basic German we made an informed (and what we thought was an utterly hopeless) guess on Round 7 Question 3 and said "Their names both mean Power Station".  Being correct provided much hilarity.  Thanks a lot to The History Men for writing a paper we enjoyed.


Quiz paper set by...

...History Men

Average Aggregate score 68.4

At the Albert Club the paper made for a long hard evening with some low scoring and a points aggregate almost 20 points below the 75 target set by the History Men in the paper's introductory remarks.  The bar called last orders just as Howell was reading the final question of Round 8.  In Ivor's own terminology there were far too many 'constipators'.

From the Ladybarn Club James sends similar comments...

"Some way short of the target score proposed by Ivor...

The University Challenge round was a lot of effort and hot air for very few marks. A bit turgid overall Iím afraid.

The first half of the picture round was ridiculously hard, the second half was ridiculously easy."

Graham was none too complimentary either...

"Tonight's quiz was a reminder of why my Pussycat compadres retired from the League.  Thank God I now have two weeks off."

Mike O'B found the paper more to his liking...

"The questions were fair and ranged widely. Our favourite was the one linking the 1980s supergroup and the 1970s electronic band."

...and Rachael was pretty positive too...

"We very much enjoyed the paper.  It was challenging and varied and there were few unanswered questions. It provided plenty of food for thought with lots of mental exercise!  I was personally very pleased there was a question on one of the greatest festive pop songs ever, Last Christmas.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one already in the Christmas spirit, most of our decorations are already up at home now!"

...as was Dave Rainford...

"I thought it was a good paper. Lots of interesting themes. Some took us outside our comfort zone, but tough doesn't mean ungettable"

...and James Haughton...

It was a very intriguing quiz, with lots of nuggets of fascinating information on a wide variety of subjects. There were quite a few long conferences for both teams, but overall the quiz went at a decent pace. A few uneven pairs, but I thought they evened themselves out between the teams. So overall, the paper made for a very enjoyable night's quizzing. We're glad to have done our bit for the History Men's target score too (we're sure they'll accept us being just one point off).

Question of the Week

This week both the Opsimaths and Albert favoured Round 7 Question 3...

What specifically and uniquely do the two following bands have in common?  Firstly, an '80s supergroup featuring members of Duran Duran, Chic and a successful solo singer, and secondly, an electronic band formed in 1970 who have had hits including Radioactivity, Autobahn and Computer World.

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

...and also

In earlier weeks on this page I have celebrated the recent achievements of James Haughton on Countdown and Howell Davies on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?   It would be remiss of me not to mention Ethel's own Greg Spiller who has been taking part in this season's Counterpoint competition on Radio 4.  Greg won his heat a few weeks ago in some style.  This week he played his semi-final heat and got some stinking questions so he won't be through to the final.  Nevertheless well done Greg for getting so close.

Next week we take a break from the WithQuiz league and play the Quarter finals of the WIST and Lowly Grail knockout competitions against our friends from the Stockport Quiz League.

Please note that all 8 WithQuiz teams (whether playing at home or away) are responsible for picking up their question paper envelope from the Red Lion.

The Railway, although drawn at home to play the Albert, will actually play their match at the Fletcher Moss since the Railway over in Stockport is busy with other noisy activities that night.

Finally November 13th is guaranteed to be a great night's entertainment as Father Megson himself has been commissioned to set the paper (the Charabancs deliberately finished outside the WIST/Lowly Grail qualifying places last season so that his reverence could be next week's setter - many thanks to them).

Sheila Hancock, Julie Christie, Sir Lenny Henry,