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13th November 2019


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Good night for the WithQuiz teams with just Stockport's Alexandra (in the Lowly Grail trophy) and Smart Alex (in the WIST Cup) making it through to the semis


Prodigals beat Tiviot

Traveller's Call lost to Mantis Shrimp

Railway lost to Albert

Opsimaths lost to Smart Alex

Lowly Grail

KFD beat Railway Fliers

Ethel Rodin beat Wandering Star

HMRUFC lost to History Men (w/o)

Alexandra beat Bards of Didsbury

A label to Peel



Prodigals beat Tiviot

A comfortable victory for the Prods with the second highest score of the evening

One helluva 1981 beating!


Traveller's Call lost to Mantis Shrimp

A good victory for the Shrimps against one of Stockport's consistently strong teams

Rachael checks in...

After a very enjoyable evening of quizzing against our formidable Stockport opponents, we finished 9 points ahead. We had a small lead after the first Stockport-style set of questions which we extended slightly to leave us six points ahead going into the Withington-style rounds. We did terribly on the local round while our opponents hoovered up the points we kept dropping.  So we only had the slimmest lead going into the penultimate round.  We pulled back somewhat in the last two rounds and so managed a fairly comfortable win in the end. However, the final scores don't really do justice to how close the match was for much of the evening. Our hosts were extremely welcoming and we had a lovely evening away in Stockport, polished off with a complimentary plate of sandwiches!

Auden and Britten’s paean to the GPO


Railway lost to Albert

The Railway' home venue in Stockport was unavailable so they played at 'Home' in the Fletcher Moss - only to suffer defeat

Mike O'B brings us up-to-date...

As has become traditional in our WIST encounters we breezed through the Stockport rounds, building up a lead of 12 points and then proceeded to micturate it away in the WithQuiz rounds. At one point we were just 3 points ahead and then finally crawled over the line, partly because young Stephen knew all about the Limerick Soviet.  Come off it Megson,  8 and a quarter miles from Withington to Wilmslow!  The Railway are a very resilient team and you can see why they are going well in the Stockport League.  Grudgingly however, I must say that in general Megson's paper was pretty entertaining with a wide range of topics. How did he remain sober enough to create it?

The footballer that prompted

A Lap of Honour


At the Albert committee meeting this week we discussed how to apportion the points from our non-victory over the Turing Testers.  I modestly suggested that I should be awarded 8 twos but strangely this seemed to meet with resentment and derision.  I was forced to impress my team mates by revealing that I had been sent an e-mail from Fuji systems (allegedly) offering me the services of no less than 218 sexy  ladies living in Manchester and anxious to meet me. I shall spend all next week drawing up a shortlist for interviews so I may be somewhat distracted next Wednesday.

Easter fair in East Manchester


Opsimaths lost to Smart Alex

Smart Alex ensure at least one team from Stockport  goes through to the WIST semis

Mike Bath reports

In the end we were well beaten by a very proficient team from Stockport (which included Rodinistas Roddy and Greg who quiz weekly both sides of the Mersey).  Hilary called in sick late in the day so we only fielded three but this shouldn't detract from the Smarties' superiority.  They led from the start and we never got back on terms.

D’ye ken the answer to this one?


The real star of the evening, however, was our QM, Chara Graham.  He bravura-ed his way through the whole evening embellishing Gerry's questions when a personal memory flitted across his mind. My hearing aids were totally redundant.  Imagine a whole evening of interrogation by Brian Blessed and you're not far from the mark.  Even Jitka who seemed disapproving at first was won over as Graham sailed through to the winning post well ahead of all-comers.




Lowly Grail

KFD beat Railway Fliers

KFD top-score to gain a comfortable win

Kieran's elated...

When former President Bob emailed me a few days ago to confirm he was ready and willing to QM for us tonight after a five week sojourn (who knows where) he said he had been perplexed by what had happened to us since last we met and that he longed for his 'street fighters' to unleash our inner 'Peaky Blinders'.  I interpreted this to mean we had perplexed Bob in the way that Raheem Sterling had perplexed Gareth Southgate on Monday morning and decided we needed to win back his trust and approbation. He really does deserve a lot better than what we have served up recently.

So to the 'climate change in microcosm' front room of the Griffin and a disappointed-looking Bob, disappointed- looking in the way that Gareth Southgate had looked disappointed during his press conference on Tuesday, and sporting an echt 'Peaky Blinder' cap - in a disappointed sort of way.  No Bogota, Lima or revolutionary Vietnamese logos tonight, Bob was in serious mood and we'd better shape up or he'd be calling James Maddison away from the gaming tables and we could start looking around in the Adlington, Nether Alderley and Rainow League, Division 3 (North) for ways to occupy ourselves on a Wednesday evening.

The bear of Bern


And it worked! And how it worked. The highest score of the evening and the kind of comfortable win we haven't had since our incontinent PM last took little Boris out for a pleasingly solo spaff.  Our flying guests certainly got the rough end of the deal with ten of the thirteen unanswereds falling to them but we seem to have had that experience so much recently that we fell upon our luck with the enthusiasm that our bubbly PM reserves for foreign national IT hackers with a pole dancing sideline.

We won without Young Liam®!  Sorry Liam but you just ain't ready for us yet. 

The Fliers were excellent company throughout the evening (note to drawmaster, if we ever qualify for either WIST competition again and are up against the Fliers can we please play them in their fabulous sounding home in Portwood?).  Flier Jim seemed to have a finger in, and a story about, every civic inspired pie that has been baked in Stockport, Sale and all of South Manchester over the last forty years or so.

Cleaning up after the Nazis


I spent my Saturday mornings between the ages of five, and nine or ten, at the matinée at the beloved Scala (though that question fell to the Fliers).  Ah! the Scala;  two cartoons, the kind of cliffhanger western/adventure film which inspired the Indiana Jones series and an usherette who doubled as a dinner lady at St Cuthbert's primary school during the week and who I later discovered had been played all along by Louise Fletcher.  Who knew the Stasi had penetrated so deep into 1960s Withington?  

Our season remains alive, at least until the end of February, and I think maybe Bob isn't 'Waistcoat' Gareth - but more 'Middle Manager' Mauricio. Barely a third of the season played and we're already purely a cup team.  But it's something to cling on to.

Next week the super heated Griffin again and the champion Prodigals. Ah!

Carl Sagan's 'Pale Blue Spot'


Ethel Rodin beat Wandering Star

Quite a close contest throughout according to James but Ethel came out on top

Wandering Star Charlotte reports...

Despite losing we enjoyed the game.  Some highlights:  an interesting local knowledge round and two good rounds on flowers (however they're pronounced).  Our resident geographer will be refreshing his knowledge of Russian regional capitals - bound to come in useful again sometime - and we need to work more on constructive conferring without a time limit; the 30-second habit was too ingrained. Nice to have a mention of Terence Trent D'Arby, too.

Modern Impressionist or Soft Porn?


HMRUFC lost to History Men

Unfortunately the Rugby Club had to scratch due to unforeseen absences

Alexandra beat Bards of Didsbury

The Alex keep the Stockport home fires burning as they move through to the semis at the expense of the Bards

Alex's Mike sends this...

We still have painful memories of meeting the Bards in ‘Europe’, having been absolutely larruped by them in a semi-final in February 2016.  Halfway through Round One it looked like déjà vu all over again, as they raced into a 10+ points lead.  However, we clawed most of this back over the next few questions.  We then drew the written round, the Bards impressive EAIPM answer being cancelled out by our (Rob’s) less impressive but equally pointsworthy 'Girobank'.  We started the WithQuiz-style rounds just two behind.

The Bards shaded the flowers round, but we did quite well on local knowledge, which surprised us as three of our four were raised in Cumbria, deepest Merseyside and even deeper Lincolnshire. We twigged the meaning of ‘cryptic flowers’ immediately, which meant we went into the final round with a lead of three.  In a tense, low-scoring round Derek's 2-point Symphonie Fantastique meant Tony needed a ‘maximum’ on the penultimate question to keep the game alive.  When he said that he only knew one person who was shot in 1812 we feared we would need to get something on the final question.  Our sigh of relief was probably heard in Withington when he plumped for the shooter rather than the shootee© and said "John Bellingham".  Fine margins!

We had a lovely post-quiz chat with our visitors, covering subjects that included our pub's resident parrot, intimidating quiz venues of the 1980s, methods of capital punishment and Tony's extensive knowledge of the life (and death) of Tommy Handley.  A most enjoyable evening.

Macron remembers with his Bleuet


Quiz paper set by...

...Gerry Collins (for WithQuiz)

Average Aggregate score 94.7

By no means an easy paper with quite a few unanswered questions along the way (at least in the Opsimaths' match) but absolutely loads of Fr Megson-style ornamentation to lighten the load and make the whole evening a delightful trip around the backwaters of the trivia that Gerry has stashed away over the years.

By way of example I doubt if anyone got the Round 2 Question 8 Blockbuster 'EAIPM' but just 2 questions later Olaf Falafel's 'Funniest Joke of the Fringe' was great value (our 'Florets' trumped the Smarties' 'Courgettes').

Oh, and what an excellent picture of L S Lowry adorned the question paper's front cover!

So all round an excellent evening - many thanks Gerry.

Rachael had similar thoughts...

"We enjoyed the paper very much, lots of variety, and I was particularly taken with the pop music and film questions of course.  Nice to be reminded of Terence Trent D'Arby!  We really struggled with the local round and didn't have a clue on most of these questions, though we all very much enjoyed the spare about Lowry's description of the Stockport Viaduct!"

...and finally Alex's Mike has his say...

"The first half of the quiz was well balanced, with just about the right number of unanswerables which seemed to fall fairly evenly between the teams.  The next four rounds were certainly not easy, with only eight two-pointers.  That said, there were plenty of interesting, entertaining and occasionally whimsical questions, with one or two 'well I never knew that' moments - which is always a good thing. 

Many thanks to Gerry for a very good paper."

Question of the Week

This week the Alex, the Bards, the Opsis and Smart Alex all opted for the 'well I never' fact embedded in Round 6 Question 2...

What self-declared and short-lived status was held by the German states of Bremen and Bavaria and - even more briefly - the Irish city of Limerick, during the political turbulence of the year 1919?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

1919's ten bob note in the West of Ireland


...and also


This week it's Prod Michael Taylor.  On Monday his trio of Wickets had their second appearance on Only Connect but were sadly stumped by a trio of Electrophiles.  So, despite putting up two strong performances, the Wickets are on the bus home.


After spending approximately 650 hours over the past 14 months I have completed the main tasks of updating the website...

  • 550 question papers (from 17/10/01 onwards) are now all in the same format whereby each round's questions are shown on their own with an option at the end of the round to go and see the same questions shown alongside the answers (by my calculations we now have around 41,250 WithQuiz questions stored)

17/10/01: Round 1 Question 1...

Name one of the 2 British scientists who won this year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine.

  • 533 weekly QuizBiz articles (dating from 05/02/03) are stored, each displayed using roughly the same design and colour scheme, the only major changes being the addition of pictures inspired by the week's question paper from the start of 2012 and a move from one to three columns at the start of the 2018/19 season

05/02/03: First QuizBiz headline....

"Braggarts win at home to Historymen"

05/02/03: First QotW from a paper set by Snoopy's Friends....

"Which 'child' appears at intervals of between 3 and 7 years?"

  • The galleries of end of season evening photos from Spring 2001 onwards have been tidied up

From End of Season evening 2001

captioned: "Some Pigs conferring"

  • A raft of archive material prepared for the Quiz League's 40th anniversary in 2017 is stored

  • Many pictures (mostly for picture rounds) that were lost and appeared as blank spaces on the site have now been restored

  • Fixtures, results and end of season league tables since 2001 are all accessible

I will continue to carry out the weekly updates for the foreseeable future as well as adding some of the Albert Club monthly quiz rounds (currently there are 23 of these uploaded).  However I do now feel the site is in a fair shape to handover to someone else when the time comes.

Correspondence demonstrates that this site is widely read and used across the quizzing community.  I know there is always room for improvement so do let me know of any thoughts you have for enhancements - or just pages that need attention and have somehow escaped my keen editor's eye over the past busy year.


A chance to visit Opsimath Innis who's currently marooned in Belfast working with John Humphrys...

Down the WIST memory lane...

Top Withington:

Kieran's Saturday playground; 8¼ miles to extinguish Wilmslow; A Ship Canal made in Didsbury; Gerry's Withington PO workmate Tony Walsh

Bottom Stockport:

The Great Leap Forward; a Poynton Storey; Conway the Cockleshell hero; "Big girls don't cry" Cathy Redfearn

(Round 4)