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24th January 2022


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Resuming the 2021/22 Fixtures

I'm happy to report that all the team captains have agreed with me today (24/01/22) that we should stick to Plan A (as spelt out below) and return to the planned fixture schedule on February 2nd with the delayed WIST/Lowly Grail finals, followed by a resumption of the league fixtures the following Wednesday, February 9th.  MIKE


Postponing the resumption of the 2021/22 Fixtures

After correspondence between myself and the 9 WithQuiz team captains over the past week we have reluctantly decided to postpone the resumption of our fixtures until February 2nd in the face of the mounting threat from the Omicron Coronavirus variant.

The text of the note I have just sent to team captains is as follows...

"Thanks for your considered replies.

The clear consensus is to delay the resumption of our programme of fixtures until Wednesday February 2nd albeit with very heavy hearts and not a little resentment.

Could you therefore tell your teams of the postponed restart and that all being well we expect to play the Lowly Grail and WIST finals on February 2nd and then continue the league programme on February 9th with a paper set by the Opsimaths.

I will canvas further opinion late in January to check that this course of action is still in line with your views given whatever state the pandemic has left us in at that point."