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21st September 2023


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Some really sad news as we start our season...

One of our most enthusiastic quizzers, Mike Hansford, died on September 9th in Wythenshawe Hospital.  He had been ill for a while and was admitted to hospital during August.

Mike started playing in our league a few years back with the Bards but more recently had been a member of the History Men team - playing and often QMing in his own inimitable fashion.  Mike was a whizz when it came to film questions (especially the classic old ones) - and anything related to Spain, the Spanish language or Spanish culture.

His fellow History Men helped him along the way in recent months and Ivor and Alison especially looked after him with great care and thoughtfulness as his illness progressed.

From my own point of view Mike was a tireless contributor to this website sending me his own wry comments on the Wednesday evening contest he had just witnessed.  He frequently had a beef to air but was scrupulously appreciative of the efforts put in by the week's setters as well as my own work.  I will miss his late Wednesday text messages.

As I write this I'm not aware of the date and time of his funeral but will let you all know when I hear.

Roddy accepts the WIST trophy from Kieran on behalf of his Stockport League colleagues

Stockport triumph with an emphatic 27-point victory to retain the WIST Challenge trophy

WithQuiz lost to Stockport League

Stockport retain the trophy in style

Question-setter and QM Mike watched the drubbing unfold

It's possible one or two of the questions fell nicely for the Stockport team (Mike, Barrie, Haydn, Alice, Roddy & George) - e.g. Alice picking the Blockbuster question 'ATLA' - or rabid Blue Mike Wagstaffe kicking proceedings off by selecting 'TSI' - but when the margin of victory/defeat was 27 points it's hard to argue anything but that Stockport were much the better team on the night.

Apart from Round 1 after which the scores were level at 19 all, every other round went to the team from over the water - in one case (the Blockbuster Round) by a massive 10 points.

At the close the WithQuiz 6 (Kieran, Tony, Damian, Bernard, Ivor & Greg) were just glad to quaff the loser's pints and ponder on the coming season.  As you can see above Roddy (this time exercising his Smart Alex allegiances) was awarded the WIST Cup by a genial Kieran who, as captain of last season's WithQuiz league champions, had skippered the WithQuiz outfit.

Well done Stockport! and perhaps we will regain our pride a little when it comes to the Champions Cup and Lowly Grail matches in November.

The Post Office's WW2 superhero




Quiz paper set by...

...Barrie Atkinson

(the Stockport-style rounds)

with Mike Bath

(the WithQuiz-style rounds)

Average Aggregate score 109.0

A little more challenging maybe than the paper for last season's equivalent match but full of the variety that marks the different question-setting styles of the two leagues.

Barrie's rat-a-tat compendium of Round 1 pairs covered a really wide spectrum of knowledge with plenty of 'tip-of-the-tongue' moments.  My more baroque rounds offered the familiar WithQuiz fare of 'Choose Your Own Blockbuster', 'Announced theme' and 'Hidden theme' questions with a set of pictures (English county outlines to identify) to round things off.  The toughest round turned out to be the county pictures where much conferring only revealed an aggregate of 10 points out of the 24 on offer.

Question of the Week

This week the vote goes to Round 4 (the round where each answer contained the nickname given by farmers to one of the year's full moons) Question 12 ...

The ‘Cock’, a famous glider, never actually flew. Where was it built?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Eiffel eats


...and also

WithQuiz league matches start next Wednesday (September 27th) with a paper set by Albert - which gives me a chance to reiterate the fact that Albert have changed their home venue to The Sun in September on Burnage Lane.

Good luck one and all for the coming season.  See you soon.

Witless Banker