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11th October 2023


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Prods keep their 100% record by winning the Club derby;

Ethel win in style to go equal second with KFD and the Opsis

Charabancs lost to Electric Pigs

Ethel Rodin beat Albert

Bards lost to KFD

Opsimaths lost to Prodigals

Charabancs lost to Electric Pigs

The Pigs notch up their first victory of the season

... while Damian waits for his

Well, we lost the toss, were forced to go second and it was all downhill (well mostly) from that point on.  As usual we were able to answer our opponent's questions but not our own.  Despite managing to go ahead in 3 of the rounds (including the last) we could never quite make up the 4-point gap that opened up in R1 conceding another two during the rest of the quiz to make the final margin 6 points.

So, it looks as if the new season is going to be very much like the last with us struggling to notch up a win against superior opponents.  Déjà vu should probably be our motto these days.

An August Kid


I'm intrigued to learn that the Pigs and the Bards will be playing their deferred match from last week using our questions - but have apparently made a solemn vow not to peek at them on the website.  Maybe they should peek anyway and let it become a 'who remembers the answers best' contest in which they notch up the highest scores of the season between them?  Just a thought.  

On the plus side, Graham turned up unannounced from his Canadian excursion (despite assuring me he wouldn't be back until the end of October - not sure if the 11th of a month counts as being at the end) and Jane graciously conceded her place in the team choosing to spectate.  Historyman Ivor sat in the QM's chair and fired his questions at us with that mixture of enthusiasm and cheeky charm that we have come to expect from him.  Also spectating was John's newly retired friend, Bill, whom we are hoping will become a welcome addition to our depleted squad.  On the scoring side, we all managed at least one two with Bernard and Graham, our star performers, notching up 4 and 3 respectively. 

Cunk's Bunk


Opsimaths lost to Prodigals

The Prods march on - though only just

Mike reports on a cosy evening in the Club back lounge

The first Club derby of the season ended with each team having won three rounds and drawn two.  Trouble was the rounds the Opsis lost were more decisively lost than those lost by the Prods.  A narrow margin of victory for the Prods was the outcome but a general feeling of a good quiz match well played.

The Orkney Dark trophy awarded on such occasions was paraded for all to see but Anne-Marie was clear that no-one should touch it.  The murky liquid which has been inside the bottle since 1993 when John Jackson, Richard Seed (both former Prods) and myself brought it back as the spoils from a short break in the Northern Isles looks to be, if not explosive, then certainly poisonous.  I wonder if in some fantasy of the future a non-Albert Club quiz captain visualises a massive Orkney Dark explosion wiping out the contenders from West Didsbury's finest club leaving the path open for others to succeed.

Meanwhile back on earth a very affable evening was fought out by Anne-Marie, Jimmy, Michael and Richard on the Prod side and Nick, Howell, Hilary and me on the Opsi side.  Brian was, as ever, a scrupulously fair QM.

The big swing rounds were Rounds 4 and 5 when the cereal cinema-goers who are the Prodigals wiped the floor with the Egyptology, Wales and Scotland experts that are the Opsimaths.  Indeed I think the film directors round went 7-1 to Anne-Marie's crew and from then on there was no recovery for Howell and his mob.  Had Brian been playing, with me QMing, then I suspect the result would have been different; Brian is a whizz at cinema questions.

Post-quiz there was a fair amount of time to natter and, of course, politics was to the fore.  It does seem that in answer to last week's question posed by Michael ("Has anyone ever met a Tory?") Richard, Hilary and myself come from backgrounds where Tories abounded - but in those days they were predominantly so-called 'one-nation Tories' whereas now the only Tories on display are those that are intent on dividing the nation with their endless culture wars.  By the way, that prompts me to give a shout-out for the excellent 'Shortest serving Deputy Prime Minister' question (R1/Q4).  Nice one History Men!

One feature that I'm really pleased to report about the Opsimaths this year is that in our squad of 7 players we now have 3 women (Hilary, Emma and Charlotte).  Indeed last week when we played the History Men (???) with Vanessa and Ann there were as many women playing as men.  Progress!  Excellent!

Baby-eating Bishop


Bards lost to KFD

Déjà vu all over again

Kieran reports on yet another one-point victory for KFD

Last season we played a fantastic game against the Bards at the end of which, and after a Bingo Round 8, we sneaked a one point win.  Neither team could have played any better and neither deserved to lose.  

And tonight?  Yeah, same.  

Last season we played three times in the Parrswood and each time the quiz took place against a background of noises off from fellow punters in south Manchester's least popular watering hole - how can a place that's always so empty always be so loud?  I quote from my report on our game against the History Men on 8th March:

"Tonight the interference was provided by a group of a dozen or so lads who had the bearing and banter of a victorious post-match football team, laughing, joking, telling tall tales, generally using a pub for its prime purpose and behaving as you're supposed to on the premises.  How inconsiderate"  

And tonight?  Yeah, the same.  In fact I think most likely it was the same football team.

And last season we squeaked home by one point in four matches on our way to becoming the first winners of the Barry Whitehead trophy.  

And tonight?  Yeah, well, the first part OK but let's not get ahead of ourselves.   

Twelve twos played seven - but twenty ones against thirteen and the Bards won the steals 4-2 with three unanswereds each.  All good, all done by 10pm and Tony & co. in splendid form before, during and after the evening's main business.  

Next week the first Griffin derby, an Opsis paper and finally the return of Bob "if anyone asks you haven't seen me" as QM.  Yes this time he really will be present.  Also no football so hopefully a return to our room - just don't get any ideas about our bench Damian!

Once Upon a Time Deborah ♪♪♪

(R4/Q3 - click picture to hear her theme)

Ethel Rodin beat Albert

Stonking victory for Ethel with the highest score of the evening

James basks...

Ethel won the first round 8-1 and that made things hard for Albert from the start.

A match where our new regular player Michael Byrne came into his own, finally bringing that modern popular culture knowledge to Ethel’s stubbornly traditional approach.

I think it was a good toss to win and go first first.  There were about 5 absolute gimme questions tonight and they did all seem to fall to Ethel.

Country Rock's Dad


Mike tells how Eveline has been appointed to a new role

A much changed Albert team suffered a heavy defeat. On the whole this was a good toss to win because the early rounds appeared to lack balance - e.g. the name of the dog from the 1950s TV series Champion  The Wonder Horse twinned with the name of Tintin's canine sidekick.  On the other hand we fell foul of our own ignorance.  We did miss Ashton's sports and music knowledge.

Stephen played very well for us but could not compensate for my performance which must rank with one of my worst ever.  Of course this makes no difference because a clause in the Constitution of The Albert Team declares me to be a team treasure (the WithQuiz equivalent of a National Treasure) and am therefore automatically exempt from any blame.  With this in mind and using my extensive powers I have designated Eveline to take all the blame and to write me a letter expressing abject apology.  I will publish the text when it becomes available.

Quiz paper set by...

...The History Men

Average Aggregate score 75.3

Excellent paper covering many varied subjects delivered through rounds of questions in many varied formats.  Good aggregate score very much in line with the aggregates from previous weeks this season.  Yet again no 'Run-ons'!  Has this format run its course?  Let's see what the Opsimaths paper next week holds.

Godfather's middle son


... and this is what Damian thought ...

Good set of questions from the History Men with their usual display of assorted themes, hidden and announced, rounds paired against each other and  culminating in the welcome inclusion of a Bingo round.  In short a quiz paper full of that quirkiness that can educate, amuse and sometimes exasperate in equal measure.

As is so often the case, the pairing can be a bit dodgy - e.g. parsec vs centimorgan (although we actually managed to guess that one).  Personally I thought some of the answers in the round on halves and quarters a bit vague and this prevented me from scoring a two with John Sessions as I couldn't see how that fitted with the theme.  Nonetheless the paper made for an enjoyable evening even if things didn't, as usual, go our way. 

Who's Master


... and James ...

The questions were pretty good - and it was an enjoyable evening - at least from our perspective.

... and finally Kieran ...

A fine paper from the History People with no blast of the trumpet against monstrous wokery.  Could Ivor be mellowing in his well-enjoyed retirement?  Reassuringly there was an entire round on minor-titled aristos, the setters dispensing with names for the nobodies this time round.  

Art's Art


Question of the Week

This week the vote goes to Round 1 Question 4 ...

Lasting only 49 days in office who is the shortest serving Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Shortest Deputy practising to become Health Secretary