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17th January 2024


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Clean sweep for the home teams as Ethel open up a significant gap at the top of the table;

Albert, The Prods and The Opsis battle it out for second spot - and those History Men just keep on winning

Opsimaths beat Bards

History Men beat Prodigals

Ethel Rodin beat KFD

Albert beat Electric Pigs

History Man beat Prodigals

Another stunning 'comeback' victory for the History Men

Ivor seems as puzzled by the turnround as the rest of us

Another victory for the Historymen and on this occasion we were not even in our lucky seats.  What can account for our improvement having lost our first six opening games of the league season?  We are playing with our usual team (half of whom are not men) but we now seem to cover sufficiently the areas of knowledge required (at least in recent quizzes).   More importantly we are exercising more careful decision-making when it comes to the 'going for the two' or going for 'blurt avoidance' (as in the Kenny Rogers song The Gambler, know when to hold and know when to fold).  However tonight our seven-point win was also due to our lucky decisions, picking questions we knew the answers to in the two Bingo rounds (we won 9-3 in Round 4 and 9-1 in the Round 8 picture round).  The Prodigals were still ahead by a point going into the last round so the match was a lot closer than the final score suggests.  Perhaps we have also purged our tendency to have last round (drink-fuelled?) implosions.

Scouse Euro winner


Our run of wins will now be ended as we set next week.  After 23 years and over 60 papers we have just about run out of ideas but we hope it will be all right on the night. 

The Prodigals were as usual excellent company and we had Guy (Mr Anne) in the QM seat who had no more effect on taming Historymen exuberance than other QMs - but nevertheless performed his duties well.

I must conclude with some thoughts on the 'Alumni' or 'Celebrity' versions of University Challenge and Mastermind (though with no informed insight whatsoever).  Sadly these are not quizzes at all but game shows designed for entertainment, indeed entertainment verging on cruelty.  The contestants appear to be either recruited from Islington dinner parties, or placed by agents eager to revive old careers or get exposure for dubiously talented newcomers. Quizzing ability does not seem to be a requirement  and indeed the lack of knowledge on display is more worrisome than amusing.  Quite what possessed former singer and Irish MEP Dana to appear (and score 0 in her specialist round of 1970-76 Pop Music) is beyond me.  Perhaps schadenfreude or the prospect of humiliation keeps the Great and the Good on their toes and the rest of us entertained! 

Stacked lighthouse


Ethel Rodin beat KFD

Things just can't get better for Ethel

James enjoys a bit of Bingo down in Ladybarn

There was an early lead for KFD with single point victories in the first 3 rounds - and it was neck and neck in the first 3 rounds of the second half, but Ethel had the luck of the draw in both Bingo rounds.  

It was an enjoyable match played in good humour with a decent and generally well balanced paper.  Damian stepped in at short notice to curate the whole affair.  Many thanks!  

"I hold my hand up - fair cop!"


SNP leader explains why not all party leaders have to be named after fish 


Opsimaths beat Bards

The Opsis end their plummet

Pint and a packet of crisps, Mike saw it all

Skipper Howell's away touring the sights of South America (after his previous visit to American civil war battle sites and war graves Emma was convinced he was catching up on similar scenes of carnage in the southern hemisphere).  Anyway, we were anxious to prove ourselves in his absence.  "Well, that went well", we thought as Nick, Emma, Brian and myself notched an impressive 10-point deficit by the end of Round 3.  Robin, Tony, John and Jim were beaming over on the other side of the Albert Club back lounge - and then a miracle happened.

Top Ref 


Maybe the questions fell our way, maybe the Bards lost their rhyme and meter, or just maybe Lady Luck woke up.  Certainly having a child of the '90s on board in the shape of Emma helped.  Perhaps we just chose right in the Bingo rounds (I know you don't much fancy Bingo Rounds, Tony - sorry).  Whatever, by stumps we were a nice 5 points ahead and ready for our late charge as the season winds to a close.

Of course all could come crashing down as we visit Ladybarn next Wednesday.  But for the moment, Howell, enjoy yourself - no need to hurry back.

Strong-armed minister


Albert beat Electric Pigs

Albert consolidate their position in third place in the chasing pack

Ashton turns his back on esprit de corps

If the Albert thought that our convincing win over tonight's opponents in the reverse fixture before Christmas would be an indication of how things would go tonight, we were to be quickly diasbused. The six-point lead we established by the end of Round 2 was gradually whittled away by some inspired Pig answering until they had poked their piggy noses in front by a single point at the end of Round 7. Sadly for them, the last round was the pictures round, a format they told us afterwards, is something of an Achilles heel for them. We took full advantage to grind out the win. 

Andrew was playing tonight and his presence seemed to foster an impressive esprit de corps, with plenty of encouraging noises and camaraderie coming from the other side of the room.  As is well known, we of the Albert disdain such solidarity.  If it were allowed, Mike would surely choose the Admiral Byng form of punishment 'pour encourager les autres' in our ranks.  It worked tonight - just. 

Lead replicant


Quiz paper set by...

... The Charabancs of Fire

Average Aggregate score 75.5

Another fine average aggregate just shy of the season's par (77.3).  Plenty of variety, both in content and style.  The trademark Bingo format reared its head in both halves of the evening and included some very murky pictures.  Designed to upset the form book by introducing uncertainty all it seemed to do this time round was help the table toppers from Ladybarn to victory (judging by James' report above).

All round another good effort.  Many thanks, Charas! 

Happy Light 


... and this is what Ivor thought ...

The quiz we found challenging in parts - especially when the difficult questions related to recent events.  Perhaps it is excusable not to know an answer when it is a niche subject one has no interest in (e.g. rugby referees) but when it is a Eurovision question and I cannot even recall the most recent winner’s name …  It is probably good to be reminded that no matter how good you think you are there will always be questions that find you wanting.  

Beagle's birds


... and Ashton chips in ...

No complaints from our side of the room over this week's questions which seemed a perfect mix of gettables and work-outables over a broad range of topics.

... and James suffers a bit of déjà vu ...

We take questions from our sub-conscience I suppose but I think at least four questions this week had been (kind of) set this season already: Tristram Shandy, Nigel Adams and the motifs on the new coinage.  Apart from the commemorative set I bought in October, I’m still yet to see one of these coins in circulation - whilst coins still exist that is.

Back to Y-Fronts


 Question of the Week

I always like a good geography question with a bit of room to work out a plausible answer if you don't know it straight off.  So this week I've gone for the 'Wellington' half of the antipodal pair at Round 5 Question 5 ...

Which capital city is antipodal to Wellington in New Zealand?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

For those still squirreling away coins