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21st February 2024


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Prodigals and Albert lose ground on Ethel at the top of the table whilst KFD and the Opsimaths prosper;

battle for second hots up with 4 teams now on 15 or 14 points

History Men beat Albert

Electric Pigs lost to Opsimaths

Charabancs lost to KFD

Prodigals lost to Bards

History Men lost to Albert

The History Men revival continues

Ivor reports on the triumph of an Anne-less team

Our run of league victories now extends to six - which nicely balances our run of six league defeats at the start of the season.  Tonight it was the turn of the Albert, who were the last team to defeat us, to be put to the sword.  Anne was missing tonight; off to Ibiza for a well-earned rest and winter sun (it could be said it was a well-earned rest for her team-mates too but who would be as ungracious or foolhardy as to suggest that…).  So we had a slight change to our team with: the return of Steve, undeterred by our previous poor performances, Vanessa's promotion to her aunt’s usual seat 3 and me back in seat 4 anticipating what might be a 40th  head-to-head with Evelyn.

Quite a few of our games against Albert over the years have been last question pair shoot-outs though tonight was not one of them.  Playing second we raced ahead in a low-scoring first half to a 20-10 lead.  Albert did start to pull back winning Round 6 8-3 but then lost Round 7 0-5.  The margin of victory was largely due to a superior 'steal' rate (3-8) as the unanswereds broke 5-4 and Albert actually had the greater number of twos (8-6). 

"You're the Tops"


Mike O’B was in attendance to observe his team’s performance and, sadly, the Paddle of Rebuke was in use.  Mike gives the impression of an old-school headmaster thrashing an errant pupil, but only for their benefit, and with great sorrow.  Roddy was our QM and thus in the firing line for any opprobium should either team find fault with the paper.  I am happy to report that both winners and losers enjoyed their evening.  Roddy maintained order with a light hand, and for reasons that can be guessed the overall merriment score was 'convivial' rather than 'feisty' or 'raucous'.

None of us has been to Manchester Museum since it re-opened and I am not sure if I ever knew there was a vivarium on the third floor.  I am sure our community charge is being put to good use.  When my daughters were young their favourite section was the Egyptian room.  After one day at the museum my six-year old proudly announced to her horrified grandmother that it had been a good visit and “you can even see the mummy’s willy”. 

Mike has to rethink his team motivation policies

Well I never. I missed last week's encounter which was fairly disastrous.  To make up for this the team invited me along last night  to show how much they thought of me, and as a mark of respect, prove they could do much better.  Now we can all see how that ended!  I may forgive them by next week or perhaps not.

£15,000 for some chewy biscuits!


Electric Pigs lost to Opsimaths

The Opsis win a close encounter to keep in the chasing  pack at the top

Mike comments from the QM's chair

A close match fought out in the traditional 'front room on the left' where quiz contests have been resolved over many decades in the Fletcher Moss (and before that the Albert) pub.

There was some racket, but probably as much was to be blamed on elderly ears for the need to repeat pretty well every question as the other patrons went about their rowdy way.  The convoluted nature of some of the question text didn't help either.  As QM I found it possible to omit much of the text without leaving out any pertinent information when I was asked to repeat the questions.

The line ups of Guy, Tom, Andrew and Dave (a 'Pigs Classic' ensemble in my book) and Emma, Brian, Charlotte and Nick for the Opsis made for an entertaining and hard-fought competition.  It could have gone either way until the Opsis eased ahead towards the end of Round 7.  The most animated moment of the evening came in Round 6 when I told Charlotte she was wrong when she gave the answer of "Ribo" to the question asking what the 'R' stood for in 'RNA'.  After a fairly heated debate we all agreed that the answer given of "Ribonucleic" was what the 'R' and the 'N' together stood for.  We agreed to take a spare and thankfully Charlotte potted "Oleic" for a two.  Careless setting Ethel!

The other lapse in the paper was in Round 1 when the question asked for the State south of Detroit when the answer was definitely a Province and not a State.  A trick question that tricked both of our teams.  Nick was seriously toying with giving 'Ontario' as the answer but was dissuaded by the word 'State' in the question.

The lengthy questioning process made for a late finish (11pm before the Spares had been dealt with) but as ever it was an enjoyable evening with old friends.  And for afters Andrew gracefully fielded a number of council-related questions in an impromptu surgery session.

Julianne's greenhouse fall


Travelling south to the north


Charabancs lost to KFD

Last year's Champions are in the rampage

Kieran lauds Liam, the returning star

It is claimed Margaret Thatcher (yes I know, sorry, she won't be referenced again after this) once said "A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure".  Well I've reached the age of 64 and, as I write, my fellow KFDers, Barry and Thomas, are respectively in Cape Town and New York while I'm in Edgeley having drunk deep of the bacchanal of a Wednesday evening at the Griffin - in Heaton Mersey.  Still Thatcher's dead and reviled (you decide which of those has the greater appeal for you) and I could call on three team mates plus familiar and genial, and familiarly genial opponents with whom to share a drink and a turn around the highways and byways of the Ethel Rodin hive mind.  So how do you like them apples Maggie?  Thought so.

Barry and Thomas's casual disregard for KFD's meh season had one welcome consequence, the return after more than two years of young Liam®.  In a weird coincidence Dhani/Erling NOT Jadon's last appearance was also an away game in the Griffin against the Charas.  I've never succumbed to the powerful charm of Damian but his middle name is Moxie so, you know, young Liam's® presence was perfectly understandable. The only surprise was that the Pied Piper remained a mile or so up the road administering a fearful thrashing to Albert. 

It was really good to see Liam again and he was right back in the groove with a couple of twos and a handful of assists in what was an all round stellar team performance.  We hope we'll see more of him in the remaining weeks of the season; he covers lots of gaps in our knowledge (i.e. anything that happened from the mid-nineties on) and lowers the team's average age by about a decade.  As for the rest of us modesty doesn't for one minute forbid me from mentioning that I scored 6 twos and about time too; my season to-date has been even more meh than the team's. 

1951's Got Rhythm


The Charas were without John tonight who had cried off with a late sickie and we wish him a quick recovery.  I don't know which Chara was John's replacement but I'm glad Graham was playing for them because his speedy and very confident answer of Coventry rather than Leicester in the 'EIC' round was a classic WithQuiz moment. 

The great revelation of the evening was that Martin's grandfatherwas Queen Charlotte's surgeon while also having a lucrative side line running the country's first clinic for the treatment of venereal disease.  Danny Dyer, for all his speaking for England, can't hold a candle to Martin when it comes to being connected to the great and good. As in all the best stories (apart from the Joseph Heller follow up novel Something Happened) something happened and within a generation or so Martin's family were eking out a living on Grimsby docks where a working knowledge of venereal disease would, you imagine, prove quite useful. 

Next week the 'bald men/comb' fight for the minor places hots up as we visit the Club and the Albert have the chance to delay the coronation for a few more days. 

All in all I'd rather be in Edinburgh Cape Town / New York / Heaton Mersey / Rotterdam or anywhere.

Damian bemoans another drubbing

Another week, another drubbing.  After drawing level in Round 1, I started to lose count of the growing deficit between the two teams.  The final tally says it all.  We just couldn't get a break. 

I had a personal disaster, missing many answers I should probably have got for a two.  Chara Bernard was the star for our team scoring 4 twos - with new boy Bill not far behind with 3.  Our opponents scored 14 twos to our 8 and racked up 6 steals to our one.  No wonder the final score was so lopsided.  

Revelation of the evening was that KFD's Martin is a direct descendant of a guy who was familiar with Queen Charlotte and was a pioneer in the treatment of venereal disease - although I am not too sure if there is a link between these two facts.  With that kind of pedigree no wonder we didn't stand a chance!!! 

Cumbria's not so Fluffy turtle


Prodigals lost to Bards

The Prodigals lose momentum in their chase for top spot

Ely's octagonal lantern & Peterhouse


Quiz paper set by...

... Ethel Rodin

Average Aggregate score 73.0

A bang-on average aggregate for this season - so full marks for that.  Good range of information and round formats on display as well.  A few slips (the 'State/Province' trickery in Round 1 and the 'RNA' blunder in Round 6 - mentioned in my Electric Pigs/Opsis match report) did cause some kerfuffle along the way - but all-in-all a cracking effort.

Just the verbosity issue mentioned by most correspondents.  At the Moss I was chatting to Dave about this and we agreed that as contestants we were always against unnecessary elaboration in the questions - but when setting both he and I fell into the trap of putting more stuff in than was absolutely necessary more often than we'd care to admit.  It's the setter's disease.

... and what did Mike O'B think ...

The quiz itself seemed fair to me with lots of interesting questions.  The team's favourite was the question linking Game Of Thrones to The Crown.

One point which did irritate was including information in a question and then stating that it had nothing to do with the answer.

The aggregate score indicates that it was a tough quiz.

An old banana


.. and Kieran's verdict ...

An enjoyable paper from the champions in all but name which, like its authors, got better and better as it progressed.  Many congratulations to The Rodinistas for tonight's quiz and their superb performances this season. 

.. and Damian's ...

We found tonight's questions were full of variety but just, basically, boring.  Anything to do with local businesses and local merchandise is just a big yawn for me although, to be fair, the rest of my team were more clued in on this sort of stuff.  Again, the 'too much information' problem distracted me from scoring what would have been a certain two on, for example, the question about the founder of Lima University.  I thought the question stated that Queen Mary I's first cousin was the one who succeeded to the throne the year after the university was founded and got confused.  Had the question omitted this irrelevant piece of information I would have got the right answer!  Similarly I answered "Lady Margaret" for the question about which Oxford college was named after Henry VII's mother but got marked down because I hadn't added "Hall".  These were my bread-and-butter type questions and I couldn't even answer them right.  Can I go out and come in again? 

Old Perky


.. and finally Ivor's ...

The quiz itself was a winner and although somewhat tricky was beautifully crafted.  Greg’s Punny Round (R2) has replaced the Run-on Round has our favourite question style and somehow he has continued to combine humour with a proper quiz question that is not always obviously signposted.  I failed with the 2019 best film Oscar trying desperately to connect Green Book with the Green Berets (wrong on both counts).  The subject range was vast and it does show that a quiz team needs all bases covered; Steve’s film knowledge and David’s geography shone through.  Having questions requiring two answers is challenging especially if you are going for the two instead of conferring.  Like Kenny Roger’s The Gambler you've got to “know when to hold and know when to fold”.  Readers will know we like the 'old' questions so One Direction and Girls Aloud are already less well-recalled than Bill Wyman and Keren Woodward.  We liked the 'pairs that weren't pairs' round.  Young David actually has a bottle of Bajtra - but like all purchases of exotic liqueurs it is so far back in his booze cupboard that he could not recall the fruit that coloured it.

Hunting Lodge Massif


uestion of the Week

This week Ivor and the History Men were entranced by the Spare question attached to Round 7 ...

Which real life person links the Game of Thrones characters High Sparrow, Edmure Tully and Daemon Targarye?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

From Game of Thrones to Shame of Groans