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10th April 2024


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Val Draper Cup (Round 1)

Albert lost to History Men

Val Draper Cup (Round 2)

Prodigals lost to KFD

History Men sail on to Round 2 leaving Albert to set for next week; KFD win a nailbiter at the Club against the Prods

Val Draper Cup (Round 2)

Prodigals lost to KFD

KFD just edged out the Prods - winning on the tie break to go into Round 2

Kieran sees the light - at last!

Thanks to the Prodigals for agreeing to bring this match forward by a week so that the blue two thirds of the KFD squad can be at, or at least focus on, The Etihad next Wednesday and what should be a thunderous clash with Franco's pet team Real Madrid.  Polite guests that we are we repaid our hosts by recording our first end of season knockout victory for six years.  In a mimicry of last night or a harbinger of next week the scores were level at the end of normal time and we squeaked through on the tie break by being a few hundred feet closer to the correct height of Everest.   

The top order of Barry and Martin was yet again the foundation of our victory.  My contribution was limited to knowing - I have no idea why - where the Ship Canal starts, and pretty much the entire script of The Godfather word perfect. Not that that was any use when Martin couldn't hear my explanation from that round and so failed to score a two when Khartoum raised its severed head a few questions later.  

The Prodigals were super sporting as always, admitting that they would never have got near Azalea when Mike uncharacteristically mangled their chance of a bonus in the Valencia round and agreeing that the horse's head handle question could stand if only because Martin might have landed a two if we'd gone to a spare.   

The Val Draper cup draw had the top four playing each other in the quarter finals just as the heavyweights were all grouped together in the same half of the Champions League shoot out.  So next week the top two will face off for the right to stuff us in the semi while most of KFD will be watching the likely Big Cup winner knock out the next most likely winner a round or two too early.  It's great to still have a chance of silverware when you leave the house of a Wednesday evening to go to the game and it's still light.

A Depression Tale from Salford


Mike was QMing in the Club's back lounge

A most enjoyable evening spent in the company of Prodigals 'Classic' (Anne-Marie, Jimmy, Richard and John) and KFD 'Classic' (Barry, Martin, David and Kieran).  Danny was watching on for good measure (he was on a brief day return to Manchester from Luxembourg) - and Stella started watching the match but then decided to nip home to watch The Race Across the World on BBC1, only to return late on to see our last knockings.

The scores were fairly close throughout with KFD keeping their noses in front most of the time but a slightly better alcoholic slogan knowledge in Round 8 landed the Prods on even pegging only for the tie-break to deny them a passage to Round 2.

Memorable moments?  Well Kieran rumbled the Godfather theme and had the rest of his team well drilled in likely Godfather links before even the first question of that round had been fired.  Kieran also managed to pluck Eastham Locks out of the back of his noddle to everyone's astonishment.   Finally a nod to Jimmy who worked out the Wodka/Varrington slogan when it really mattered, to earn the tie.

Anne Hegerty - at least that's what I thought they said


Val Draper Cup (Round 1)

Albert lost to History Men

The History Men steam on to Round 2 leaving Albert to set for next week

Mike praises the consistency of his losing crew

Well there's nothing nothing like maintaining a consistent run of results - unfortunately a losing run in our case.  I can vaguely recall a different time when Jeremy knew things and Eveline regaled us with her latest court appearance for GBH.  Ah, happy days!

On a far more serious note I have to report that my advice to quizzers to show professional restraint regarding the Whitehead posting has to date resulted in over a hundred hits.  Even allowing for casual visitors to the site this means many quizzers proved to be too weak to resist the lure of petty scandal.  The person identified so far is Chara Damian.  No surprise there - he is even capable of making 100 hits himself.

David's Masterpiece


Quiz paper set by...

... The Bards

Average Aggregate score 76.5

A pretty good paper prepared in short order by the Bards.  Plenty to enjoy but I think, at the Club, the favourite rounds were the Godfather-themed Round 5 and the excellent final round with the initialised versions of famous slogans for alcoholic drinks.  Much fun was had with these slogans although Jimmy thought the final question with the muddled up 'V' and 'W' was a tad harder than the rest.  Needing two for a victory John had to confer and Jimmy slotted home for one point meaning the match went to a tie break which KFD eventually won.

Maybe a bit of a slip by the setters in allowing the capital of Sudan to crop up twice in short order but we forgave this in the context of an enjoyable and very close-fought contest.  Many thanks, Bards!

MOBO's Vile Brew


... so what did Mike O'B make of it ...

The quiz itself was fair enough and produced a good aggregate.  Julien's wife Jo made her debut as a QM and coped well with the appalling behaviour presented to her.  We particularly enjoyed the alcohol acronym round.  Some of us could even remember some of the defunct brands.  Who, having tasted it, could forget the vile brew that was Watneys?  Ah, the pleasure of staggering up the street to a party bowed down by the weight of a Party 7.  I do believe it actually destroyed the digestive systems of all who drank it. 

... and Kieran's verdict ...

A decent paper from the Bards, eight unanswereds (I got three of them, have I ever commented on the difficulty of questions set for seat four?), Martin and Richard were equal as MVP with five twos apiece.   

Even banned from Queasyjet


Question of the Week

The Prods and KFD really enjoyed Round 8's alcoholic advertising slogans, so I've chosen Question 8 from this round ...

VWFV (Definitely not from Russia)?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Tarts galore from the lowlands


... and also

We know that many quizzers read this website on a weekly basis and use our question papers for all sorts of purposes: fun, personal challenge, revision for their own quiz competitions, to get one up on their work colleagues, etc.  Some of you may even browse our match reports and enjoy the pictures we compile on our Home page to illustrate the week's question paper.

Well, we have a request.

For our end-of-season evening on May 22nd, when all the teams gather in one place, we have a friendly 'table quiz' to top and tail the presentation of the season's gongs.

This year we'd very much like to compile our end-of-season quiz to include your contributions.  If you like, now's a chance to get your own back.

Please email your questions and answers to me (mikebath@pfsl.org.uk) attaching your name, and details of the part of the country - or the world - in which you're based.  I'll edit the questions into our end-of-season paper.  If you wish I'll attribute the source of the questions both on the evening and on the website subsequently (tell me if you want to remain an anonymous contributor).

If possible send pairs of questions with each pair on roughly the same topic.  Feel free to send as many pairs as you like.

The deadline for your submissions to give me time to prepare the paper, is May 10th.

Many thanks!

Last week I mentioned Michael Taylor's book about slave-trading, The Interest.  Well, I must be on a retainer as this week I mention his new book, Impossible Monsters, reviewed in the latest edition of The New Statesman.  It's all about dinosaurs (obviously his time in WithQuiz was a vital element of his research) and how the Victorians' discovery of fossils affected the accepted wisdom of the religious of the time.  The NS sums up its review as follows: "Taylor's story is not a new one, but he marshals his cast expertly and shows lucidly why it mattered so much."

Oh, and here's a related quiz question, the answer to which is to be found in Michael's book: What started at 6pm on October 22nd 4004 BC according to Archbishop Ussher of Armagh?

A Terrible Cathedral in Moscow