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1st May 2024


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The Prodigals win the WIST Champions Cup earning the right to call themselves the best quiz team either side of the Mersey; Albert win the Lowly Grail to become the 'best of the rest'

WIST Champions Cup (Final)

KFD lost to Prodigals

WiST Lowly Grail Cup (Final)

Albert beat Opsimaths

WIST Champions Cup (Final)

KFD lost to Prodigals

Over the past 7 years the Prods have now won all 5 major WithQuiz trophies

Jimmy lets the cat out of the bag on Anne-Marie's shithousery

Eons ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the Prodigals achieved an epoch-defining victory at the Griffin.  Our success that evening was largely put down to us inadvertently taking the seats in the front room usually occupied by our then, all-conquering hosts.  Well, after a barren couple of years and the mid-season departure of our star player we felt it necessary to resort to such underhand ruses once again.  So, Id like to personally thank the crack cadre from the Urmston Unsettlement Unit for their timely occupation of KFDs regular domain (Ill see you in the Lord Nelson on Sunday for liquid remuneration lads).  Visibly unnerved by this turn of events, Kieran and co. suggested we decamp to the middle room, the usual stomping ground of the Charas.  

Late Booker


It was then our skipper Anne-Marie played her master card, a piece of shithousery the likes of which has not been seen since the 1978 World Cup final when Argentina delayed proceedings by protesting against the padded, plaster-encased arm of one of the van de Kerkhof brothers, even though he had played the whole tournament with a cast on.  Somehow, nobody knows for sure how, the question paper got lost.  Charlie behind the bar had seen neither hide nor hair of it.  The minutes ticked by, tension racked up unbearably, even the usually insouciant Bogot Bob was feeling the strain.  An urgent call was made to Mike Bath but the paper was nowhere to be found.  There was talk of a coin toss to decide the destiny of the WIST Champions Cup.  Dark forces were at work across the land.  And then, miraculously, it just appeared from underneath a load of local election voting papers on the bar.  But it was too late for KFD.  They were gone.  We could see it in their eyes; once mighty quizzers reduced to disheartened, shivering husks who wouldnt know their Wilfred Pickles from their Mr Pastry if you prodded them.  It was the Prodigals time to shine!  

Racing into a 7-point lead after the initial conferred Stockport-style round, we extended it to 9 points in the written round.  As McFadden and Whitehead once proclaimed aint no stoppin us now".  KFD briefly rallied during the WithQuiz rounds, like a wily old boxer using the ropes, moving instinctively to the beat of their own internal drum, but as Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams declared back in the day, it was too much, too little, too late".  

Keeping up the suspense the longest


So, the Prods become only the second team (after KFD) to win all five of the trophies up for grabs and Richard becomes the first person to win the WIST Champions Cup with two different teams.  Post-match he proclaimed himself the 'Clarence Seedorf of quizzing' and, to be fair, he was our best player on the night, channelling his inner Alberto Tarantini (the manic, drug-fuelled Tarantini of those long, hot, crazy pampas nights in the early summer of 1978, not that shyster who turned up at St Andrews a few months later).  

And so onto another final next week, against our bte noires, the History Men, and we start with a two-point handicap.  What devious stratagems can we deploy this time to ensure victory?  Possibly a Don Revie-style 'honey-trap'?  Watch the skies Ivor watch the skies.


A bird to die for


Kieran adds his postscript

Congratulations to the Prodigals on their victory tonight and on becoming the second (ahem!) team to complete the career grand slam of all five major trophies available to WithQuiz teams.  And well done too to the Albert who are the third team to do it - or maybe the second depending on when their match finished over in the Sun in September.  

Pah!  Everything is getting devalued these days - a football club will likely do the double back to back sometime soon.

Not our sort of quiz.

Talking Talking Head


WIST Lowly Grail (Final)

Albert beat Opsimaths

... and although its taken 26 years Albert have now also won all 5 major trophies

Mike had a minor Opsi triumph to celebrate as well

Well after last week's monumental tonking this was pussycat-level losing; a mere 16 points adrift compared to 34 against the History Men.  In truth we were well beaten by a well-oiled (but not in a Sam Smith's way, you understand) Albert outfit.  Albert went well ahead in the 30-question Stockport-style opening round and we never got near to parity after that.

A trip to The Sun in September is a trip back in time (a bit like A Trip to Jerusalem - but I'll come onto that later).  As you enter down the long stately drive (Burnage - I ask you!) you are regaled with an array of 'Don't' notices.  Most of all don't you dare get out any electronic device.  You can imagine my alarm at 8.45pm when my breast pocket vibrated.  I snuck outside onto the capacious terrace fearful of being taken into custody by the enforcement staff behind the bar.  It was Anne-Marie from the Griffin.  "We can't find the paper!  Have you got Greg's number?".  A few calls later the problem was resolved and sheepishly I returned to our own match afraid that some electronic eye had spotted me offending the house rules.

Thatcher's Nobel teacher


Oh, yes, back to The Trip to Jerusalem.  In the ancient-tribe-themed WithQuiz round Greg challenged us to name the 3 'J's that Dundee was famed for.  The question came to Opsi Charlotte who opted to confer.  I immediately leapt in with a foolish blurt "Jam, Jade and Jute".  OMG what had I said!  Of course I meant Jam, Jute and Journalism.  Over it went and Albert quickly slotted home the correct answer - except that QM Mike marked them down.  It was Jute, Jam and Jerusalem according to the question paper.  What!  Has Dundee unbeknownst to us been twinned with Jerusalem?  Is it something to do with Scotch artichokes?  Has the WI set up its HQ in Dundee?  To assuage the insistent QM, 7 of us formed a protective screen while Jeremy consulted Google on his smuggled-in phone.  Of course journalism was right and Greg had slipped up.  We graciously ceded the points and the match continued with me cursing under my breath for making yet another stupid blurt.

We had a few more similar stumbles along the way as Albert powered home to a well earned victory.  Well done them!  Oh, well, there's always next season ...

Where the Cold War was day's apart


Mike welcomes Ashton back to the WithQuiz fold

Well, like the eunuchs in the workhouse we finally got what we had been wishing for - in this case a victory.  We were pleased to welcome back Ashton after a bout of illness and the result showed how much we had missed him. 

I am often approached about my attitude to team discipline and reply that my inspiration is an old film in which the wheelchair-bound, sadistic protagonist Dead Legs Flint rules a population of Zombies with the aid of  a large bullwhip.  This, of course is a liberal policy which will never catch on.

Finally as a closing comment to the Whitehead-posting affair I must sadly report that the number of hits has now passed 300.  Are there no ethical standards left in this league?

John's Lawrence and Thomas


Quiz paper set by...

... WithQuiz (Greg Spiller)

Average Aggregate score 100.0

Well done, Greg!  An excellent paper to round off our WIST season's matches.  Just a pity there were no Stockport teams in the finals (or the semi finals for that matter).  Close season we must ponder how to introduce more equality of representation  across our two leagues throughout the season's WIST competitions.

A good spread of subject matter in this week's paper with themes across all the WithQuiz rounds.  The scores were pretty high too, exceeding the aggregates of earlier WIST matches this season.

A couple of mistakes, I think, with the 'Dundee/Jerusalem' one in the tribal-themed round a bit of a howler.  No matter as it was all amicably resolved (at least in our match).

Thanks, Greg.

IRA's Eurovision target


... and what did Jimmy make of it ...

Gripes: the Premier league pairing in the initial round stood out as unbalanced in what was otherwise an excellently balanced quiz.  

QotW: After all of us having probably sat  through many long and dreary meetings about it, it was testament to its forgettability that we had to confer, long and hard to remember what GDPR stood for!

... and what were Mike O'B's views ...

The paper seemed well balanced with one or two tweaks of originality such as the 'Rebus' round.  The only points of contention were the question on Dundee giving 'Jerusalem' rather than 'Journalism' as the answer - and the omission of Ishiguro as a Booker winner/Nobel laureate.  To sum up: an excellent effort from Greg. 

London's first registered busker


Question of the Week

This week - somewhat sarcastically - Jimmy and the Prods opt for Round 5 Question 2 ...

What does the abbreviation GDPR stand for?

For the answer to this and all the week's other questions click here.

Defending Portsmouth from the French


... and also

Next Wednesday the Val Draper and Plate finals will be played on a 'Knocked Out United' paper created with a couple of rounds each from ...

KFD, Charabancs, Albert and Opsimaths.

Opsimath Brian is doing the editing and final paper production.  Submissions from the 4 contributing teams were due into Brian by yesterday (i.e. May 1st) so if you haven't submitted your pair of rounds yet (to brian16740@gmail.com)  then please do so IMMEDIATELY.

The venues for the two finals are up to the teams involved but the Albert Club is available if required.

Another new capital for quizzer's to learn


Then on May 22nd (N.B. 2 weeks after the Val Draper and Plate finals) we will hold our awards evening at the Albert Club and lay the season to a graceful rest.  Current trophy holders please make sure engravings are up-to-date and remember to bring the trophies along on the 22nd so that they can be awarded to their new holders.  A returning WithQuiz hero has already agreed to make the presentations on the 22nd so don't miss it!

Late Emmy