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14th September 2018


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The new season starts on Wednesday September 26th with the traditional pre-season friendly match against The Stockport League followed by the first round of league matches a week later on Wednesday October 3rd

New season

Surprise, surprise!  The same 10 teams have registered to play each other for another season.  Posters were placed around and about advertising for more teams - or even just more players - but nothing has resulted.  Having said that we do welcome John Hegarty who (I think) is going to join the Bards.  He got in touch late last season and was at the End of Season evening.

Team names and contact details are as before.  The only major change being forced on The Charas and The Shrimps by the closure of The Turnpike (temporary or permanent - as yet we're not sure).  The Shrimps have opted to play at The Woodstock on Barlow Moor Road

The Woodstock

whilst The Charas will be at home at The Victoria on Wilmslow Road right in the middle of Withington Village.

The Victoria

Roddy and myself have been hard at work constructing the fixtures list over the past few days which is now up on the site.  As last year, having just 10 teams competing means that each week (other than the weeks at the end of the first and second halves of the season) there will be a  'Sitting Out' team.

We have avoided teams that share the same home venue being both scheduled to play at home on the same week and we have tried to arrange 'Setting' and 'Sitting Out' weeks to the convenience of those with massive football addictions (or just major holiday commitments).  Inevitably not everyone will be happy but that's life!  Many thanks to Roddy as ever for his technical wizardry in doing the calculations.

The Website

At last I have actually got round to redesigning the site.  After many years playing around with new software that I wasn't sure of I've opted to continue using Microsoft Front Page (unsupported by Microsoft for at least the last 10 years) and focus instead on changes to appearance and structure that have long been in my mind.

So here's a potted summary of the changes...

  • Blue and white - no more maroon and grey (until you dig down and reach the many, many pages not yet converted!)

  • Menu bar across the top of the page rather than down the left hand side

  • Columns on the Home page (as you can see) to make it a little easier to read - if you want to see an example of a typical full blown Home page in the new style I have redrafted the Home page from April 18th earlier this year and also its accompanying question paper - click here to see this Home page and follow the link under the 'Question of the Week' heading within this page to see the revised version of the question paper

  • League table and Inter-team results table off the menu bar - they can now be reached from the Fixtures page

  • All the 'Archive' material accessed via a new 'WQ Archive' menu button which replaces the 'Earlier Seasons' button - this provides access to...

    EARLIER SEASONS - which carries links to everything from season 2000 up to the end of last season including Question papers, weekly QuizBiz pages, fixture lists, end of season league tables, photos from the end of season evenings, etc.

    TEAM ARCHIVE - which carries potted summaries of the teams who've taken part in WithQuiz over the years

    HONOURS BOARD - covering trophy winners back as far as our records go

    FR MEGSON ARTICLES - a collection of all Fr M's emissions

    WITHQUIZ AT 40 - the posters put together to celebrate WithQuiz's 40th birthday last season

  • A 'Question papers' menu item which takes you nowhere right now BUT will over the coming months provide a direct access point for all the question papers on site (500-600 which roughly amounts to 35,000 questions)

  • A 'Comments' menu item which takes you to the Message Board

As ever do let me have any feedback.

Friendly against the Stockport league

At present the Cup is held by the Stockport League after their 11 point victory last September.

The match this year will take place on Wednesday September 26th starting at 8.30pm at The Albert Club.

I've compiled a couple of Stockport-style rounds and Mike Wagstaffe is putting together 4 WithQuiz style rounds (with loads of pictures to display on the Club's screen he tells me).

Teams are 6-a-side and substitutions are allowed at half time so that anyone who comes along can get a game.

Do please join us.

League admin

Finally just a word about the role I play in WithQuiz circles....

I'm getting well into my 70s now and won't be able to do all the things I do to keep WithQuiz up and running for ever.  Providing nothing untoward occurs in the meantime I've set a sort of target that by my 75th birthday I will have handed over most, if not all, WithQuiz tasks to someone a lot younger with new ideas (Shrimps are you listening?).  I'm 71 (almost 72 right now).

I know we don't go in for committees and the election of officials like some quiz leagues, but nevertheless could some of the more senior quizzers in the league start thinking about a succession plan?  Many thanks!