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Average Aggregate scored across the whole season for WithQuiz-style papers was: 70.7 points & for WIST-style papers:  91.2 points

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Comments Av. Agg.  
24/09/14 WIST Mike Wagstaffe & Mike Bath "Just about right" was the verdict with plenty of sighs and gasps as half remembered facts were dredged to the surface and half forgotten ones left on the sea bed. 96.7 Paper


WithQuiz History Men

"Great opening quiz paper"

"Excellent start to the season.  All over in 85 minutes and not much trickery or new question styles just for the sake of it."

73.4 Paper


WithQuiz Albert

It seems to have sparked quite a range of reactions and scorelines with average aggregates from the 'too hard' 58 at the Parr's Wood to the 'very respectable' 72 at the Griffin.

As the paper moved on, however, the questions got more interesting culminating in the fascinating Round 6 pair of gliding/surfing novelists.

67.0 Paper


WithQuiz Prodigals

"The quiz paper was very well received and, as the scores suggest, just the right level of difficulty and balance.  The 3 clues to a surname with the philosopher theme gets the round of the week - the cricketing Nobel laureate and cricketing PM, the pair of the week."

"The aggregate score tells us that this was a reasonable paper although it never felt so easy even when we had a good lead."

77.4 Paper


WithQuiz Bards

"So it was a tough paper and quite hard work for QMs and teams alike.  Redemption came in the range of subject matter which gave for quite a few laughs and subsidiary discussions."

"Some good questions but also some stinkers."

56.0 Paper


WithQuiz Charabancs

"By universal consent this was a cracking paper - good aggregate scores and plenty to chat about with the occasional LOL moments."

"Another great quiz from the Charas."

69.8 Paper


WithQuiz Dunkin' Dönitz

"Fairly hard quiz tonight and, as often the case, the Dunkers managed to expose the dearth of our knowledge on many topics."

"Nice, well balanced, straightforward offering from the Dunkers full of basic General Knowledge."

63.4 Paper


WIST Stockport "A few niggles about the balance but all-in-all a grand tour through some fascinating facts.  A real 'Well I Never' Quiz as the feedback testifies." 89.5 Paper
19/11/14 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"The themes and connections were reasonably gettable and the running theme in Round 3 a tour de force (with even the spare contributing)."

"Good quiz - enjoyed by both teams.  Lots of fine rounds with good themes. Plenty of excellent questions - and I think only one dud (the one about the small man who turned out to be very tall indeed).  But overall well balanced and competitive from start to finish."

80.8 Paper
26/11/14 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"This was an imaginative quiz especially the linked round.  It was better suited for conferring than for scoring twos."

"A very good paper from Ethel."

70.4 Paper
03/12/14 WithQuiz Meat Raffle

"Wow...Christmas certainly arrived with a bang with tonight's offering from the Meat Rafflers.  No less than 3 Christmas themes in the second half!"

"A great quiz from the Meat Raffle.  Good fun predicting the questions in the reindeer round."

71.0 Paper
10/12/14 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

A popular offering earning the highest average aggregate score of the season so far.

"An excellent all-round quiz with plenty of variety and some interesting facts.  The 'Quiz Shows' round provided a lot of entertainment as did the rounds in which all the answers began with the last letter of the previous answer."

81.0 Paper
17/12/14 WithQuiz TMTCH

It was on the tougher end of the scale.

"We quite liked this paper which, as always for a TMTCH paper, was both interesting and challenging.  The 'play' and 'marks' prefix rounds were very well thought out."

68.8 Paper
14/01/15 WithQuiz History Men

Most of you agreed this was an excellent start to 2015.  Plenty of variety and interest with idiosyncrasy given its head in Round 6 (which nevertheless provided the Question of the Week).

"The phrase 'a bit of a curate's egg' was bandied about in reaction to tonight's offering."

72.2 Paper
21/01/15 WithQuiz Albert

There was little if any tricksiness and most rounds galloped along at a cracking pace.

"Very good paper, lots of points on offer and some 'I never knew that moments'.  I'd nominate John Tyler's extant grandchildren for question of the week."

71.6 Paper
28/01/15 WithQuiz Prodigals

There were variations in the difficulty however, with the second half considerably easier than the first half.

"Have to say that a round with nil points for us and one for the Albert sums it up."

71.8 Paper



"We found the Bard's paper amongst the toughest of the season.  The low scoring along with 'nil point' rounds provided ample evidence of this fact.  On the other hand, we enjoyed the fact that the themes were fairly straightforward to work out even though it didn't always assist us in finding the answer."

54.4 Paper


Greg Spiller "Everyone enjoyed the quiz questions tonight.  If that was a solo effort by Greg then he has earned an A+ from us.  Variety, interesting questions, novel formats and teasing confounders all got plaudits." 89.0 Paper
18/02/15 WithQuiz Charabancs

"As ever with Charabancs papers there were plenty of fun topics and amusingly crafted questions.  The 'buts'?  Well I didn't like the 2 'which words with the same endings' questions - far too vague."

"As the score suggests this was on the hard side but like panning for gold there were little flecks of the bright stuff amongst the sludge, e.g. the non-biting Luis Suarez question."

64.6 Paper
25/02/15 WithQuiz Dunkin' Dönitz

After last week's flurry of opinion this week saw a good straight down the middle paper which notched a healthy average aggregate.

"Quiz generally found favour with us oldies."

70.0 Paper
04/03/15 WithQuiz Opsimaths

High scores all round - indeed dramatically high scores all round.

"Excellent quiz - only five unanswereds - and a very high overall 'enjoyment' factor."

"The quiz itself was generally well-balanced and fun for both teams."

86.6 Paper
11/03/15 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"Although a few questions went unanswered we did learn a lot of interesting new facts and there was plenty of variety to keep us interested."

"The quiz was a bit of a curate's egg.  I suppose as a test of 'general' knowledge it was fair and even wide ranging but questions in a 'Blockbuster' bingo format involving radio stations and their obscure participants left me cold."

79.8 Paper
18/03/15 WithQuiz Meat Raffle

This was a toughish paper but rammed full of interesting material.  The questions were fairly long-winded but, in most cases, full of material that helped in the quest for an answer.

"Enjoyable enough paper, though asking for five of the Labours of Hercules was a bit tough."

62.6 Paper
25/03/15 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"A very varied set of questions tonight with some being (allegedly) ridiculously easy and some nigh on impossible."

"The themes were imaginative."

68.0 Paper
01/04/15 WithQuiz TMTCH

"Gosh that was a long night.  As usual a very clever quiz from TMTCH, but I wish we had started the quiz a few hours earlier to really appreciate the subtleties of the questions."

"Dave spends so long on his quizzes, and they are so carefully constructed, that it seems a pity to spoil them by giving answers."

"The quiz was thoroughly enjoyable."

70.0 Paper
15/04/15 WithQuiz Meat Raffle

"We thought this was the best Meat raffle paper to date with plenty of twos on offer but also a good number of questions where the answer could be achieved after a lot of team work."

"It was a most enjoyable and testing quiz set by the Meat Raffle who really do try to raise the interest level every time they set."



22/04/14 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"Tonight's questions from the Opsimaths went down well with a good array of subjects to answer and plenty to enlighten and inform."

"Very good quiz."

70.5 Paper
29/04/15 WIST Ashton Davies "Excellent set of questions and despite being a single setter (Ashton) the full range of human knowledge from extreme ironing to strange flags was featured." 100.0 Paper
06/05/15 WithQuiz Prodigals

This was on the tough side compared to some recent papers.

"The Prodigals produced a very entertaining quiz and just the right level of difficulty."

69.0 Paper
13/05/15 WithQuiz 'Knocked Out United'

"Subject matter generally well received."

"Rounds which tickled our fancy included the 'Poisons' round, the Ship theme and the Bells.  So many good confounders and tip of the tongue answers tonight."