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Average Aggregate scored to date for WithQuiz-style papers is: 77.0 points & for WIST-style papers:  98.8 points





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28/09/22 WIST Mike Bath "My impression from the QM chair was that there were quite a few teasers that stirred the imagination of the teams and that overall the quiz worked well." 141.0

Question Paper

05/10/22 WithQuiz KFD

"a very healthy start to a new campaign"

"the paper produced a very competitive contest with the gap between the teams never more than 3 points"


Question Paper

12/10/22 WithQuiz Albert

"No low-scoring here .... Plenty of variety in the style of round on offer too: Run-ons, Hidden themes, a full tester on the most populous constituency in the UK."

"Despite the odd blooper it was an excellent paper."

"The quiz itself generated a good combined score."


Question Paper

19/10/22 WithQuiz Bards

"Tonight's quiz?  A cracker from The Bards."

"Another good paper this week, with a lot of variety."

"This was a wonderful paper with loads of points on offer."


Question Paper

26/10/22 WithQuiz Prodigals

"The quiz was a belter from the reigning champions."

"Despite a very good combined score it did feel hard in places."

"Well constructed and full of interesting facts presented in a way that kept our attention - topical too with a round on Rishi Sunak."


Question Paper

02/11/22 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"Despite the low scores, the quiz was very good."

"The balance seemed perfectly OK, but it was hard-going with a lot of detail appearing in each question and a fair amount of 'what was the actual question then?'"

"This was an interesting quiz with plenty of help in the themes and phraseology, as well as an unusually broad spectrum of knowledge required."


Question Paper

09/11/22 WithQuiz History Men

"...we enjoyed the paper very much..."

"Two unanswereds for each team and an aggregate of 85 speaks to an excellent History Men paper which far exceeded their target score, but never felt like a too easy pointsfest."


Question Paper

16/11/22 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"What a work of genius was the Opsimaths offering last night?"

"...a splendid example of the setter’s art."

"It was a good quiz and I marvel that it had such range and entertainment value."


Question Paper

23/11/22 WIST

Stockport League

(Mike Wagstaffe)

"What a superb contest created by an excellent paper!"

"The four WithQuiz rounds were a delight exemplifying all that is excellent about quiz question construction for theme and topic rounds."

"The chief complaint was the benefit gained right at the start of the evening by the team going first enjoying much the easier questions in the first half of Round 1."


Question Paper

30/11/22 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"...a very tough, but also a very decent, Pigs paper."

"The quiz depended a lot on ... knowing or not knowing the answer, so there was less scope for conferring or working things out."

"... the range of subject matter was extensive and well researched and varied enough to sustain our interest throughout - just maybe a little too much superfluous information?"


Question Paper

07/12/22 WithQuiz Charabancs

"A very entertaining quiz."

"Good set of questions on the whole with plenty of interest and enlightenment."

"The Charas produced a most enjoyable quiz paper ... The Christmas Round was just right for the end of the last quiz evening before the break."


Question Paper

11/01/23 WithQuiz KFD

"An interesting and varied set of questions..."

"The quiz itself was a good 'un.  Well balanced with plenty of interesting facts. The anniversary Bingo round was a great concept..."


Question Paper

18/01/23 WithQuiz Albert

"Tonight's paper from Albert was full of variety."

"The paper was a good 'un suiting our knowledge base nicely."

"The quiz was well received."


Question Paper

25/01/23 WithQuiz Bards

"A good 7 points above the season's average tally for a WithQuiz match, which meant there was much point-scoring happiness for the competitors this week."

"Tonight's questions were a good selection of themes hidden and otherwise."

"We thoroughly enjoyed this quiz and it is refreshing to say that it didn't seem like an exam paper."


Question Paper

01/02/23 WithQuiz Prodigals

"The average aggregate was almost spot on the season's average and the diversity and interest factors of the question subjects seemed pretty high."

"Not the most interesting of quizzes with a tad too much on matters geographical and oriental."

"A proper pot pourri of questions and themes - Young David was in his element with the country outlines and East Asian questions."


Question Paper

08/02/23 WIST

Stockport League

(Greg Spiller)

"Greg compiled (in my opinion as a winning captain) an excellent test of knowledge - and occasionally the lack of it."

"Good scores beating the average aggregate achieved in the Quarter Finals back in November by over 10 points.  Plenty of variety and themes to boot."


Question Paper

15/02/23 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"Another pretty tough paper from Ethel and the lowest average aggregate of the season by some margin."

"There were too many badly-worded, ambiguous, or simply wrong questions to cope with this week."

"...plenty of lengthy conferences to navigate as we did mental gymnastics on maps of the world, and then set our vertically inclined brains hunting laterally for crossword puzzle-like wordplays to satisfy ourselves that we'd got the right answers in the 'funny-punny' round."


Question Paper

22/02/23 WithQuiz History Men

"Tough but interesting quiz this week"

"Everybody had a good chance to get at least one two-pointer"

"A nice idea in Round 6 where various 'favourite WithQuiz formats' were paired"

"...reflecting the general accessibility and popularity of the questions..."


Question Paper

01/03/23 WithQuiz Opsimaths

"...it was an excellent demonstration of the setter’s craft..."

"Good set of questions, though the Sports round was a low-scoring affair."

"We thought the quiz was well-constructed and most enjoyable."

"I will reserve a special place in Room 101 for non-sporting sports."


Question Paper

08/03/23 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"...a really well constructed set of questions."

"Another great paper with an average aggregate bang on the money."

"I think the Run-ons and the two Bingo rounds were our favourites."

"...it was mostly OK with the usual caveat moans about imbalances etc."


Question Paper

15/03/23 WithQuiz Charabancs

"...a great paper on which to end the league season ... was full of fun and challenge."

"Kudos for the Charabancs who set a very enjoyable quiz which I thought was among the most entertaining and well-balanced of the season."

"The quiz was well received; the Charabancs always seem to produce fine fare."


Question Paper

22/03/23 WithQuiz Ethel Rodin

"The quiz revealed some quite pleasing pairing and question construction."

"Like a Glenn Gould performance these questions had to be listened to a few times to fully appreciate the nuances."

"The quiz was, at times, hard going on the night."


Question Paper

29/03/23 WithQuiz Electric Pigs

"Though the Pigs had only a week to devise, organise, and moderate their paper we thought they'd made a fine fare for us."

"The quiz itself was excellent."

"We particularly loved the 'jumbled biographies' round which was both well constructed, novel and really hit the sweet spot."


Question Paper

19/04/23 WithQuiz KFD

"A big dip in scoring levels but plenty of good ideas and fascinating facts on display."

"One of the hardest papers I can remember in a very long time."

"Lots of varied and interesting stuff but sometimes quite hard with many unanswerables..."


Question Paper

26/04/23 WithQuiz 'Knocked Out United'

"Given the brief time allowed for the creation of the paper, this was a very creditable effort."

"...the balance of the easiness of the questions seems to have been definitely skewed in favour of the team going first."

"The paper was in the most part pretty accessible."


Question Paper

03/05/23 WIST

Stockport League

"An excellent paper for a quiz final, testing all important and trivial aspects of life."

"...was mightily impressed - especially with Round 5, the 'Sporting Answer Smash' round."


Question Paper