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A round in this format consists of 10 questions each of which indicates a name or phrase belonging to a group.

Each question contains a textual clue and one or more picture clues which provide the various parts of the name or phrase - sometimes using dodgy homophones and other forms of trickery.  Often a clue suggests a name or phrase only part of which goes towards the overall question answer.  Insignificant articles or prepositions (e.g. 'the' or 'with') in an answer are frequently unclued.

When these rounds were first used each question included a music/sound clue alongside the picture clues.  It has not been practical to include these bits of music/sound on the website so they have been replaced by a textual clue - but note that the text often suggests something to do with a piece of music or sound.

For example if the round was themed on the UK's UNESCO World Heritage sites then one of the answers might be...

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich

and this could be clued as follows (note the clues are not necessarily in the right order for the answer) ....

"For what serial purpose was Oasis' Half the World Away used?"

Intro to the BBC sitcom The Royle Family


Gordon Greenidge, the cricketer


'observe a Tory'



and another might be...

Edinburgh New Town

and this could be clued ....

Who didn't like Mondays?

Boomtown Rats (I Don't Like Mondays)


Edin Dzeko (former City player)




Chris de Burgh



Date of compilation Title Description


'Opera-Win-Three Points'

Each answer is the name of a well-known opera (in the language by which it is usually known to English speakers)