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This round format consists of between 10 and 20 questions in which you have to identify an item (say a type of flower, or a type of pasta) from a given list of candidate answers.  The item is illustrated with a picture, and sometimes, some additional text.  The number of names on the given list may be the same as the number of questions or maybe greater (i.e. there are some 'red herrings').

Date of compilation Title Description
25/04/2011 Where Did You Get That Hat?

20 pictures of famous people wearing different sorts of hat - and a list of 40 names of types of hat.  Of the 40 names 20 are red herrings and 20 are depicted in one of the questions

25/06/2018 Euro Capitals of Culture

Between 2001 and 2018 there’ve been 34 European Capitals of Culture (as listed).  Link one of these to the clues shown in each of the 15 questions

27/08/2018 Lyrics

Each of the 15 extracts from popular song lyrics has been written by one of the 20 songwriter(s) listed.  Identify the songwriter(s) and the title of the song from which the lyrics are taken.