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This type of round consists of 15 General Knowledge questions indexed according to their topic.  Players are invited to choose questions according their subject matter preferences.  Often this type of round is played with each player choosing just 10 or 12 questions from the 15 available.

Each answer in a round will share a common theme that is made explicit at the start of the round.

So for example if the theme to the round was that the first 4 letters of an EU member state were to be found consecutively somewhere in each answer then a question indexed as...


might be ...

'In 2013 who was appointed Economics Editor of BBC News, replacing Stephanie Flanders?'

to which the answer would be ...

Robert Peston

which hides the first 4 letters of 'Estonia'.

Date of compilation Title Description
30/10/2017 Les Departments

15 General Knowledge questions indexed by subject matter with the name of a French Department hidden in each answer.  Make your choice.